2253 05
Music by Joe Raposo
Lyrics by Nancy Sans
Date 1986
Publisher Sesame Street Inc

"How Big Is the Sky" is a Sesame Street song from Season 18's Episode 2253.

On the roof of 123 Sesame Street, Gordon has gathered two of his students — Charlotte (Kerry Butler) and Rodney (Noah Moazezi) — and Big Bird to observe the stars in the night sky. When Big Bird asks how big the sky is, they sing about how its true size is unknown, but that its a wonder to the eye.

Charlotte sings that the Earth is one planet of millions, and that there are billions of stars. Big Bird takes note of all the objects in the sky closer to home: birds, kites, helicopters, as well as celestial objects like comets.

They express that the sky is the window to the universe, and that even though we are a small part of it, it doesn't make you feel small at all.

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