Written by Jeff Moss
Date 1971
Publisher Festival Attractions Inc.
First Episode 0374

"How Do You Get from Here to There?" is a Sesame Street song about three common ways of transportation: walking, taking a bus, and flying a plane. It was performed on the show by three Anything Muppets (voiced by Jim Henson, Marilyn Sokol, and Jerry Nelson).

The song was rerecorded for the album What Time Is It on Sesame Street?, with Jerry Nelson, Fran Brill, and Richard Hunt as the Anything Muppets.

Another version of the song was sung by Big Bird on the StoryMagic audio tape for Big Bird's Day on the Farm. This version was later featured on Sing-Along Travel Songs, with added sound effects and additional dialogue from Zoe.


Audio (remade Anything Muppets' version)
Audio (Big Bird's version)