PERFORMER Christopher Cerf voice
DEBUT 1984

How Now Brown's feet dancing in "Wet Paint."

How Now Brown appeared on Sesame Street as the leader of How Now Brown and the Moo Wave from Season 16, a parody of the then-current new-wave rock bands. His group performed two songs: "Wet Paint" and "Danger's No Stranger".

How Now Brown's flashy attire included a viking helmet, an earring on his left ear, an oversized red vest, and galoshes; the latter can be seen briefly in "Wet Paint," as he's dancing on a paint-smeared yellow tarp. Although he commonly held a small microphone in his left hand, it was rarely put to use.

In an SMV (Sesame Music Video) intro to "Wet Paint", the Hot Pink Muppet VJ mentions that How Now grew up on a farm outside of Tupelo, Mississippi and would sing while milking his cows, which is how he met the Moo Wave. They ventured to New York City, and made ends meet by selling an occasional quart of milk.


  • In addition to performing his voice, Christopher Cerf also composed the group's songs with Jon Stone.
  • The captions on the Count It Higher release of "Wet Paint" miscredit How Now Brown as "How Now Brown Cow", although the host Count von Count introduces him by his real name.