PERFORMER Pete Postlethwaite
DEBUT 2000

Hubert Flynn is a 53 year-old Irish bread deliveryman in Rat. Following a night at the pub, where he's overcome by strange pains and physical sensations, Hubert returns to his home, only to turn into a rat. Hubert's wife Conchita and children Marietta and Pius are slightly taken aback, but mostly see the patriarch's new state as either a cross to bear, a tragic disease, or an opportunity for economic gain.

Though married to Conchita for years, Hubert has been known to dally with Daisy Fardell in the past. He's also fond of his pint of Guinness, but is not deemed an alcoholic; Mick the barman notes that he never had more than 6 or 7 glasses. He never missed a day of work either. However, following his transformation (which may have been work related, as he was bit by a rat in the bakery once), Hubert is fired and is not allowed to receive unemployment pay. Following nearly two months as a rat, including numerous physical perils, unhygienic personal habits, and a pleasant stay in a maggot factory, Hubert returns to the bosom of his family for Christmas. Deathly ill from the journey, Conchita places him in the refrigerator to reduce the fever. While in the fridge, Hubert suddenly returns to human form, coincidentally following the exorcism by Father Geraldo.