Reporter Kermit interviews Humpty Dumpty.
DEBUT 1974

The updated Humpty Dumpty puppet, from episode 4263.

Humpty Dumpty appeared in a Sesame Street News Flash sketch, a retelling of the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme. (First: Episode 0657)

During the 1990s and through 2012, Humpty Dumpty made several appearances on the street itself; including one episode where he tries to find a safer place to sit on rather than his traditional wall. In Episode 4145, he appeared in an insert to advocate the use of safety helmets.

Humpty Dumpty was redesigned for an appearance in Episode 4180. The revised Humpty also appears in a season 42 episode and a season 43 Word of the Day segment with Timothy Olyphant.

The original Humpty Dumpty puppet has been used for other egg characters; including Humpty's brother Harry Dumpty (performed by Joey Mazzarino) in Episode 3225, and an egg named "Egg" (also Mazzarino) in Episode 3892, where he fumes over the term "rotten egg."

Performer History

Episodic appearances

In addition to inserts, Humpty Dumpty's appearances in street scenes include:

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