PERFORMER Ken Blackburn
DEBUT 1999

Hybin appeared in the Farscape episode "Thank God it's Friday. Again".

He is among a small minority on the planet that are naturally immune to the effects of the tannot root. They have been able to hide their immunity and blend in, since those that are discovered to be immune are killed. Due to his age he is having big problems keeping up the pace thats is required in the tannot fields, so his daughter Tanga does her best to get John Crichton to help them, they even give him a worm that feeds of the tannot root, making him resistant to its effects. After Crichton confronted Volmae about the facts of what the root does to her people, Hybin steps forward and reveal his immunity and convince Volmae that they can stand together as one people and reverse the effects the root had on there planet.