Written by Tony Geiss
Date 1986
Publisher Sesame Street Inc.
Ephemeral Music Co.

"I'm So Proud (You're My Baby)'" is a Sesame Street Motown song first performed in episode 2226.

As a part of a celebration of the first-year anniversary of Miles' adoption, Gordon and Susan hold a street-wide celebration. Part of the entertainment includes a performance by "Susan and the Extremes" (Susan, Gordon, Luis, Bob, Linda, who signs the lyrics and music by Hoots the Owl and the Birdland band). Susan sings about how proud she is of her son and all the wonderful things he can do. Gordon talks during the instrumental break, listing some of the great things Miles has done to make them proud of him.

The song was later performed by The Squirrelles in episode 3187 to Little Richard, the baby nephew of Rhonda.