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Written by Jonathan Richman
Date 1977
Source Modern Lovers 'Live' album
First Episode 3266

"I'm a Little Airplane" is a song about the joys of moving around, pretending to be an aeronautic vehicle. The childlike lyrics and rhythms caused the tune to gradually develop a cult following, and in the 1990s, it made its debut on Sesame Street.

In a live film insert, "I'm a Little Airplane" was sung by composer Jonathan Richman, in voice-over, accompanying footage of children at Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, stock footage of airplanes, and clips from air and space themed Muppet segments (including Elmo flying through the sky, Cookie Monster from "If Moon Was Cookie," and Super Grover flying). The film version was produced by Josh Selig for Sesame Street. Coincidentally, Selig's own production company, Little Airplane Productions, takes its name from this song.