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{{song|writer=|composer=[[Paul Jacobs]]|lyricist=[[Sarah Durkee]]|date=|source=|publisher=Durkee/Jacobs Inc.<br>Sesame Street Inc.}}
{{song|writer=|composer=[[Paul Jacobs]]|lyricist=[[Sarah Durkee]]|date=[[1991]]|source=|publisher=Durkee/Jacobs Inc.<br>Sesame Street Inc.}}
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*''[[A New Baby in My House]]'' (1993)
*''[[A New Baby in My House]]'' (1994)

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Music by Paul Jacobs
Lyrics by Sarah Durkee
Date 1991
Publisher Durkee/Jacobs Inc.
Sesame Street Inc.

"I'm the Big One Now" is a Sesame Street song sung by Jerry Nelson over footage of children and their baby brothers and sisters playing together.




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