Me, Claudius

I, Claudius is a twelve part 1976 BBC TV series, based on the 1934 novel and its sequel (Claudius the God) by Robert Graves. It covers the life of the Roman Emperor Claudius, who also serves as narrator. His history spanned the death of Marcellus to Claudius' own death (though the source novel included Julius Caesar's assassination). The series was broadcast on Masterpiece Theater the following year, to critical acclaim.

An early Monsterpiece Theatre sketch spoofed the series as "Me Claudius". The show's opening title sequence in particular was parodied, with Cookie Monster taking the place of Claudius' portrait, and instead of a hissing snake, Slimey slowly crawls across the screen. The sketch itself featured Bruce Monster, Maurice Monster, Harvey Monster and a proto Elmo insisting "Me Claudius!" (à la Spartacus).


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