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"I Can Remember" is an animated segment by Jim Simon for Season 4 of Sesame Street. (First: Episode 0408)

In the cartoon, a little girl is instructed by her mother to purchase a loaf of bread, container of milk and stick of butter from the grocery store. The girl assures her mother she can remember and recites the list as she heads to the store. She briefly forgets the butter when reciting the list to the grocer, but is able to remember it and bring the items back home.

A remake of the segment debuted in Season 43. (First: Episode 4303)



Since the segment's debut and popular status, the show has referenced the segment on many occasions:

  • In Episode 4048 (2003), Baby Bear is sent to buy the same items and recites the list over and over just as the girl does, even exclaiming "I remembered! I remembered!"
  • In The Word of the Day explanation for "remember," Eric Stonestreet tries to remember the same items. He's not remembering them because he's going to buy them, they're the names of his friends. The background music during the sketch is an updated version of the music from the original sketch.
  • The Sesame Street song "I Remember" includes visuals from the original cartoon with Mr. Hooper inserted via new animation.


  • The same little girl also appeared in an animated short about preparing to play in the snow.
  • A similar Sesame Street cartoon features a boy tasked with buying a loaf of bread for his mother, who gets distracted by items shown in his thought bubble along the way.