Written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love
Date 1964
Source All Summer Long (album)

The Beach Boys' 1964 hit single "I Get Around" was the elaborate opening number for The Muppet Show in episode 415. The sketch featured Miss Piggy, Link Hogthrob and other Muppet pigs riding motorcycles. Elmo sang the song in the Sesame Place show Elmo the Musical Live.


  • The producers insisted on using real operational motorcycles for the scene, and they had to order Muppet-sized motorcycles from Pittsburgh to be flown to the studios in London. Once the motorcycles arrived, the producers learned that they couldn't run the bikes; safety regulations wouldn't allow gas vehicles to run inside the studio. The Special Effects department fit two electric drills to each bike wheel, to make it look as if the bikes were running. The filming of this number was featured in the documentary Of Muppets and Men.


  • Elmo the Musical - Live! at Sesame Place (2014)
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