Music by Julio C. Sanders
Lyrics by Dorcas Cochran
Date 1951

"I Get Ideas," by Julio C. (aka Lenny) Sanders and Dorcas Cochran, is a tango set to the melody of Sanders' Spanish language song "Adios, Muchachos," but with completely unrelated lyrics.

Rita Moreno danced to an instrumental version of "I Get Ideas" in episode 105 of The Muppet Show. In this number, according to the strong-tempered, quarrelsome character she played throughout the episode, Rita picked a fight with her Full-Bodied Humanoid boyfriend in a bar when he she caught him flirting with Miss Piggy. An "empty" version of the Full-Bodied Humanoid puppet without a performer inside was used for certain shots so that Rita would be able to safely fling the puppet across the set.

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