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{{song|writer=|composer=[[George Gershwin]]|lyricist=[[Ira Gershwin]] and DuBose Heyward|date=1935|source=''Porgy and Bess'' (opera)|publisher=Dubose and Dorothy Heyward Memorial Fund; George Gershwin Music; Ira Gershwin Music; WB Music Corp.}}
#REDIRECT [[I Got Plenty o' Nuttin]]
"'''I Got Plenty o' Nuttin''''," from the opera ''Porgy and Bess'', is performed in Act II by Porgy, explaining his positive attitude toward being poor.
In a [[Season 33 (2002)|season 33]] ''[[Sesame Street]]'' [[The Number of the Day|Number of the Day]] sketch for the number [[0]], [[Count von Count]] celebrates the disappearance of his [[Pipe Organ|pipe organ]] by singing a few bars of the song.
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