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Written by Jeff Moss
Date 1970
Publisher Festival Attractions, Inc.
First Episode 0095

"I Love Trash" is Oscar the Grouch's signature song. It was first performed on Sesame Street in season 1, and has been retaped several times as the Oscar puppet evolved.

Oscar lists off several special items in his trash collection that he admires; including a tattered and worn sneaker that was given to him by his mother, a 13-month-old newspaper with smelly, cold fish wrapped inside, a defective clock, an old telephone, a broken umbrella, and a rusty trombone.

Earlier taped performances of the song have Oscar pulling the items he names out of his trash can. In a later remake, taped during season 22 (for Episode 2785), Oscar steps out of his trash can area and exhibits his trash spread across Sesame Street.


Image Year Description
1970 Sesame Street (First: Episode 0095)

Sung by Oscar the Grouch.

1970 The Sesame Street Book & Record

Sung by Oscar the Grouch, audio releases often retain the spoken introduction with Bob.

1970 Sesame Street (First: Episode 0153)

Retaped with the green Oscar, syncing to audio from The Sesame Street Book & Record, as do several subsequent remakes on the show.

1971 Sesame Street (First: Episode 0291)

Sung by Oscar the Grouch.

1972 Sesame Street (First: Episode 0379)

Sung by Oscar the Grouch.

1973 Sesame Street (First: Episode 0510)

Sung by Oscar the Grouch.

1975 Sesame Street (First: Episode 0710)

Sung by Oscar the Grouch.

1980 Here Come the Puppets!

Sung by Oscar the Grouch, accompanied by Bruno the Trashman on rollerskates and other full-bodied Muppets.

1980 Eileen & Friends

Sung by Oscar the Grouch.

1982 Sesame Street Sing-Along!

Performed as part of a medley of Sesame Street songs, sung by Oscar and the cast.

1988 Sesame Street Episode 2432

Sung by Oscar the Grouch.

1989 The Jim Henson Hour Episode 109

Sung by K.d. lang

1991 Sesame Street Episode 2785

Sung by Oscar the Grouch. Originally part of a street story where the cast discusses love, the scene, minus the prologue, later aired as a stand-alone insert.

1993 Sesame Street Live: When I Grow Up

Sung by Oscar the Grouch, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Grundgetta and Telly Monster.

1997 Sesame Street Episode 3638

Oscar sings the song as "Grouches Love Trash" with Irvine

1997 Sesame Street Live: Elmo's Coloring Book

Sung by Oscar the Grouch.

Elmopalooza - I Love Trash.jpg
1998 Elmopalooza

Oscar sings the song as part of the "Songs" medley.

Elmopalooza! (CD).jpeg
1998 Elmopalooza (soundtrack)

Sung by Steven Tyler.

1999 Sesame Street Episode 3815

Sung by Oscar the Grouch, backed by Gabi and Three Grouches Named Moe.

2001 Sesame Street Live: Everyone Makes Music

Sung by Oscar the Grouch.

I Love Trash 4D.jpg
2002 Sesame Street 4-D Movie Magic

A chorus line of stinky socks sing a brief portion of the song during Oscar's imagination sequence, where Sesame Street is turned into a vast garbage dump.

2008 Sesame Street Live: Elmo's Green Thumb

Sung by Oscar the Grouch.

2009 A Capitol Fourth

Sung by Oscar the Grouch.

2009 The Bonnie Hunt Show

Oscar sings the first chorus, and adds that it'll cost 50 cents to hear more of the song.

2000s Plaza Sรฉsamo

A Multimonstruo, who loves trash, performed a rock version of this song.

2012 Jim Henson's Musical World

Performed as part of the "Sesame Street medley," sung by Elmo, Ernie, Bert, Cookie Monster, Gordon, Bob, Susan, Leela, Gina, Alan and Maria.

2013 The Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert, Big Bird, and Oscar sing a portion of the song.

2017 Sesame Street Live: Let's Party!

Oscar performs a remixed version of the song.

2018 Sesame Street YouTube channel

An animated lyric video of the song features Oscar dropping into his trash can to show off his collection, and includes cameos from Oscar's mother, Grundgetta, Bruno the Trashman, Irvine, an orange Grouch, Oscar's sister, Bunny, Grandpa Grouch, as well as Cookie Monster, Grover, and Elmo.

2018 Caroll Spinney's retirement party

Sung by Oscar the Grouch, Sonia Manzano and Grundgetta.

2019 Sesame Street Episode 4929

The newest Grouch member, Jack (Antonoff) the Grouch, sings an introductory verse highlighting the small spot on his tie. Oscar interrupts, insisting that Grouches don't like tiny smudges, but really messy stuff. Oscar then sings the traditional song, joined by Grundgetta, Jack and the other Grouches.

2019 Sesame Street's 50th Anniversary Celebration

Sung by Oscar and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as part of a medley.

2020 The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo episode 111

Sung by Oscar and Josh Groban


Image Year Description
1970 The Flip Wilson Show

Oscar and Flip Wilson sing a unique version of the song, with additional lyrics.

1984 Sesame Street Episode 1911

Oscar digs through a giant trashcan and sings about the large items in it, like an oversized "ratty old comb." A clip of this version appears in the special Stars and Street Forever.

1997 Sesame Street Episode 3612

Oscar sings the song with lyrics about his pets (Slimey, Fluffy, Iago, Spot and Lassie), as a plea for them to come home.

1998 The Three Grouchketeers

Grover, Telly and Zoe each sing a verse of the song, with changed lyrics to suit their interests.

2000 Sesame Street Episode 3891

When Oscar finds Felix the Grouch polishing some of his trash, Oscar sings "I Love Trash," while Felix sings about how he loves to clean.

2018 Puppets for Puppetry

Bobby Moynihan and Oscar sing an altered version of the song in honor of Caroll Spinney.



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