Written by David Korr
Illustrator A. Delaney
Published 1984
Publisher Golden Press
Series Little Golden Books
ISBN 0307010945

I Think That It Is Wonderful is a collection of reflective, illustrated poems. The title poem is reworked from the song of the same name. Other poems, illustrated by the Sesame Street cast, include "The Strangest Word," "When My Imagination," "A Silly Mystery," "What Is a Song?" "Oh, I Was So Embarrassed!" "There Is a Road," "There Is a Place," "I've Been Wondering," "When You're New on the Street," "The Mirror Poem," and "So Many Things."

Characters depicted include Big Bird, Count von Count, Cookie Monster, Betty Lou, Grover, Little Bird, Bert, Ernie, Sherlock Hemlock, Prairie Dawn, Barkley, Mr. Snuffleupagus, Farley, Herry Monster, and the Busby Twins.

A few illustrations of Big Bird and Little Bird in this book were reused in the adaptation of Everyone Makes Mistakes in Three Sesame Street Stories in 1985 (like this book, Everyone Makes Mistakes was also illustrated by A. Delaney).

Other editions

This book was also recorded for the Big Bird StoryMagic toy in 1987, two illustrations were cut from the book.

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