Written by Linda Lee Maifair
Illustrator Tom Cooke
Published 1991
Publisher Western Publishing
ISBN 0307131351

I Want to Be a Fire Fighter is a 1991 Sesame Street storybook featuring Grover.

Grover's Uncle Grady is a fire fighter. Today is Uncle Grady's birthday, and Grover's Mommy has baked a cake to surprise him. Grover decides to surprise his uncle by dressing up like a fire fighter. He tries to put together a fire fighter's outfit, using a construction helmet, a catcher's mask, his raincoat and his Grandpa' rubber fishing boots.

Uncle Grady arrives at the house, wearing his fire fighter outfit to show off to Grover. As a special treat, he takes Grover to visit the firehouse. Grover sees that the fire company has rushed out to fight a fire, leaving their half-eaten dinner behind. He sees where the fire fighters sleep, and Uncle Grady shows him how they slide down a pole to get to the fire engines. The fire engines return to the garage, and Grover helps the fire company wash the trucks.

Grover plans to be a fire fighter himself when he grows up, saying, "I, Grover, would be a terrific hose handler. I always help Mommy water our garden."

Grover and Uncle Grady go back to Grover's house, where they enjoy Grady's birthday cake. Grover tells his Mommy that he wants to be a fire fighter.


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