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DEBUT 1990

A Muppet iguana is featured in the opening number, "The Food Chain Song," of The Jim Henson Hour Episode 112 (unaired). Performed by Jerry Nelson, he gets the first sung line, and he launches his tongue to catch a bug before he's devoured by a snake.

The iguana also briefly appears during The Muppets' segment for The Earth Day Special, performed here by David Rudman. He is among the swamp inhabitants, including Kermit and Robin, who discuss the link between pollution and animal extinction.

The puppet was often seen on The Ghost of Faffner Hall as a resident at Faffner Hall performed by Richard Hunt. He would loudly announce he would get the door when the doorbell rings.

Years later, the puppet reappeared in crowd shots near the end of the 2011 film, The Muppets.

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