Written by David Korr
Illustrator Rick Wetzel
Published 1987
Publisher Ideal Toys
Series Big Bird StoryMagic

Imagine That! is a 1987 Sesame Street storybook published by Ideal Toys for the "Big Bird StoryMagic" toy set. Caroll Spinney recorded the voices of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch for the accompanying cassette tape.

In the story, Big Bird thinks his life is very ordinary, and wants to do something really unique. First, he imagines that he can grow a mustashe, but then realizes that birds can't grow hair. Then, he decides he could build a bowling alley right by his nest, until Oscar reminds him that the cars couldn't pass. Big Bird wonders if he could paint the clouds, or take a bus all the way to the North Pole. He feels terrible as Oscar shoots down his ideas one by one, but then realizes that he can, in fact, do all of these things, in his imagination!

On the tape, there are two songs: "Imagination" by Michael Minard, and "I'm Remarkable" by Michael Mark.