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"InSty" parody brochure from 2001.

From InStyle's November 2011 Issue.

InStyle is a monthly women's fashion magazine that was launched in 1993 in the United States. There are now several international versions, as well.


  • The November 2011 issue featured a spread on Miss Piggy, modeling a series of famous designer labels' custom outfits to promote the Muppets' new film The Muppets.
Jason Wu: a black feathered frock with a lace veil
Prabal Gurung: A belted dress in white duchesse silk. "I didn't want to dress Miss Piggy in anything that would take away from her bold personality so I went with a simple, classic dress and neutral color. The Empire waist really complements her figure."
Opening Ceremony
Brian Atwood: sandals to complement her hoofs
Giles & Brother
The UK edition, Style, published this spread for the February 5, 2012 issue, timed for the British release of The Muppets.
  • In an interview on InStyle's Facebook page, Piggy disses Lady Gaga's Kermit toy dress, admits to having internationally-located shoe warehouses, and slight crushes on George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Robert Pattison, and Taylor Lautner. No one compares to Kermit, but some "come surprisingly close." Clooney was rumored to make a cameo in The Muppets at the time. [1]
  • The Sesame Street Muppets were featured on the InStyle website, in a fashion article published on February 27, 2019 promoting the show's 50th anniversary. A web video (posted the same day) features Big Bird, Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Cookie Monster, Ernie and Bert receiving a mailed invitation to Sesame Street's 50th birthday party, with the printed instruction "dress to impress." The gang pays a surprise visit to InStyle's Laura Brown to help them find the right fashionable clothes for the gala; which doesn't happen until November 10. In the meantime, Brown arranges a photo shoot for the Muppets to pose in their new clothes. Muppetized articles of clothing also make appearances, like a blue high heel shoe and a pink hooded jacket.
  • In 2020, Grover was featured in a web video to talk about his top five Self-Care tips. [2]


  • In 2001, The Jim Henson Company produced a parody brochure of the magazine, titled "InSty," donning Miss Piggy as the cover girl. The item was "for limited distribution" and "as a promotional piece only." The notes further read "We have used the likenesses of certain public figures and icons to inspire and enthuse, and for purposes of parody and satire."

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