Henson productions mentioning names of performers, employees, different productions, and other pieces of inside information.


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Dinosaurs Family Challenge credits
In "Family Challenge," the credits for the Dinosaur TV show Pangea's Funniest Home Injuries lists Polly Smith, BC. as head of wardrobe, David A. Caplan and Brian LaPan as Executive Producers, and Tim Doyle as Term Writer.
In "The Greatest Story Ever Sold," one philosopher suggests that the origins of the dinosaurs all started with a frog.
In "Terrible Twos," two of Blarney's playmates are named Tim and Jeff (the writer and director of the episode, respectively).
Says Me St
In "Georgie Must Die," Roy Hess uses "Bob Young" as a fake name. Later, on Georgie's set, a street sign reads "Says Me St."

Dog City

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In the second season episode "Farewell, My Rosie," the director of a TV crew doing a feature on Terri Springer is wearing a Mutts Take Manhattan shirt.
The third season episode "Doggy See, Doggy Do" features a parody of Sesame Street called "See Samoyed St" with a dog in a Big Bird costume and an Oscar the Grouch equivalent popping out of a hydrant.

The Animal Show

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In Spoonbill & Salmon, Stinky and Jake interview Yorick the Salmon, who not only shares the same name as a previous Muppet character, but notes that one of the fish in the video he brings is one of his "salmon friends".
In Colobus Monkey & Flying Squirrel, during the "Animal Awards", Armstrong the Chicken Hawk gives a shout-out to his friend Jim Lewis.

The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss

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Queen Regina of Ka-Larry is named after the show's writers' assistant Regina Calarie.
In "The Road to Ka-Larry," one of the gifts intended for Queen Regina is a rare postage stamp depicting Prince Marcello of Picone (named after production staffer Marcello Picone).


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In "Thanks for Sharing," Crichton names several alien villains. Among them are the Skeksis.
In "Kansas," Aeryn tries to learn to speak English by watching Sesame Street -- specifically, the Muppet & Kid Moment in which Kermit and Joey say the alphabet and she keeps adding "Cookie Monster!"
In Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars, John Crichton comments that he's being chased by The Electric Mayhem.


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Mirrormask MIS
One of the books that fly off the library shelves is entitled "Muppets in Space."

Unstable Fables

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3 Pigs and a Baby - Swinetrek
In the closing credits for 3 Pigs and a Baby, with producer's names on a space-themed mobile, Lisa Henson's name was attached to model of the Swinetrek from The Muppet Show's Pigs in Space.

Sid the Science Kid

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Sid's room
Arnie, Sid's stuffed dinosaur, is similar in design to Dog from Living with Dinosaurs (albeit much larger and with a horn on his nose).
In the episode "Sid's Amazing Lungs", Gerald pretends to be various characters during playtime; when pretending to be a baby he looks directly into the camera and exclaims "I'm a baby, gotta love me!" with the same style and tone as the baby on Dinosaurs.


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Squacky has a copy of It's Not Easy Being Green on his bedside table.

Emmet Otter musical

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While sifting through a box of old objects, Russ pulls out an old Elmo doll.
A piano and guitar amp are branded as "Henson" manufactured.

Return to Labyrinth

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Uncle Matt in Return to Labyrinth
In Volume 1, Uncle Traveling Matt appears at the ball and asks Hana if she has any hors d'oeuvres made with radishes.
In Volume 3, The Devils from The StoryTeller episode "The Soldier and Death" appear in a jail cell playing poker with a troll. Their cameo makes a direct reference to their StoryTeller appearance: "Did he say sacked?" "Not again!"
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