Muppet comics mentioning names of performers, employees, different productions, and other pieces of inside information.

Muppet Peter Pan

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The "C" cover of issue #1 features toys in the background resembling Beaker, Fozzie Bear, Animal, Bert, and Ernie.
The birds from the For the Birds sketch (Mel, Harvey, Clyde, Duke, Shirley and Doris) appear in the clouds in issue #2, and, using their respective lines, help cheer up Piggytink. They also have a small appearance at the end of the issue where they can be seen sleeping on the clouds. Doris can be spotted in Issue #3 flying above Wendy.

Muppet Robin Hood

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In issue #2, when the Muppets dress as monsters, Rizzo comments that "the Langridge book" can hear their roars.
In issue #4, when the Muppets try to find where the narration is coming from, Robin the Frog suggests that maybe it's from a wormhole in an alternate universe where they are pirates or lost boys and Robin Hood can fly.

Muppet King Arthur

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The Dave Álvarez covers for issues #1 and #2 depict Delbert the La Choy Dragon on Kermit's shield, as does the interior for issue #1.
A Skeksis can be spotted at the Festival, selling Gelfling essence.
Leroy, Rover Joe, T.R. and Catgut from The Muppet Musicians of Bremen can be seen insulting King Arthur along with Sam in issue #1.
In Issue #2, Sir Cumnavigate says of his adventures, "I've discovered countries with the occasional sunny day. I don't suppose you could tell me how to get to Camelot?," referencing a certain theme song.
In Issue #4, Arthur and Percival watch Sam the Eagle, Sir Cumnavigate and Sir Mount ride off into the sunset. When Percival asks if they'll reach their destination, Arthur replies, "Sure. They just keep going straight and when they hit the fork in the road they bear left." Percival replies, "Are you sure they aren't supposed to frog right?" This is a reference to 2 famous lines from The Muppet Movie .

The Muppet Show Comic Book: Pigs in Space

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Fozzie and Rizzo's Pigs in Space pitch, which they try to sell to two movie executives, includes a role for Kermit. Fozzie adds that "getting Kermit was a real coup. He had a hit single in 1979, you know."

The Muppet Show Comic Book: Family Reunion

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In issue #1, when the Muppets are reunited with Skeeter, Animal is seen wearing a bonnet, like he did when he was a baby.
In issue #2, Bunsen and Scooter can be seen looking down the Big V's mouth, undoubtedly looking for a victim of The Glow-Worm sketch.
In issue #4, Delbert the La Choy Dragon can be seen eating up a building, also can be seen Statler and Waldorf in the Haven and a building named Strangepork Institute for Anti-Gravity Research

Muppet Snow White

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In issue #1, Rizzo expresses surprise that he and Gonzo are supposed to be playing brothers. Gonzo counteracts, pointing out that the brother thing worked with Kermit and Fozzie in The Great Muppet Caper.
In issue #2, Happy (Janice) meets Snow White (Spamela). She tells her Snow White is her favorite fairy tale character next to Wendy from Muppet Peter Pan.
In issue #3, one of the suggestions for the new name of the Seven Dwarfs was Solid Foam.

Muppet Sherlock Holmes

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In issue #1, the seal that is used to seal the preserves jars wears a name tag that reads, "Hi, My name is Wolfgang."
In issue #4, Dr. Watson (Fozzie Bear), recognizes Professor Moriarty as Uncle Deadly, "...the phantom from the Twiggy episode!". A side note adds, "The Muppet Show Season 1, a classic!"
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