Sesame Street productions mentioning names of performers, employees, different productions, and other pieces of inside information.

Sesame Street

Street Scenes / Stories

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Episode 0249

Oscar's competition in a local election is named Mr. Kingsley.

Episode 1090

The airplane pilot whom Big Bird chats with turns out to be named Cooney, as he reveals in his intercom announcement.

Episode 1171

Big Bird names his dolls Emily and Dulcy.

Episode 1257

Olivia asks Telly Monster to name some M words. He instead lists some TV shows that start with M. Included in his list is "Muppet Show."

Episode 1311

The WORM-TV camerman is named Richie, named after the show's own cameraman Richard King.

Episode 1414

Dulcy Singer's name appears as a part of the return address on an envelope.

Episode 1446

The names Big Bird lists when he sings "What's Your Name" include two producers, the director, and five writers from Season 12: "Lisa, Jon, or Dulcy; Emily or Ray; Judy, Sara, Norman."

Episode 1617

Oscar's WORM-TV Weather Report is recorded by a Grouch cameraman named Jerry (named after the show's own cameraman, Jerry Gruen).

Episode 1655

When Bob and Big Bird sing "The Phone Book Alphabet", they mention the names Epstein, Napoli, Myhrum, Singer, and Stone.

Episode 1708

Most of the names yelled out during the mail call are the same as the Sesame Street staff, including Lisa Simon, Joan Ganz Cooney, Emily Squires, Ozzie Alfonso, Dulcy Singer, Janet Shapiro (researcher from seasons 10-13), Jon Stone, Thelma Moses, Al Hyslop, Jeff Moss, and Danette Morganelli.

Episode 1710

The Echo Rock award for best letter writer went to a kid named Norman Stiles. Al Hyslop also receives "most organized" and Joseph A. Bailey gets "best nutrition."

Episode 1777

The name "Dulcy" is seen in the window of a flower shop.

Episode 1815

Maria mentions her friend Dulcy.

Episode 1873

Telly places an order for bananas at Hooper's Store using the names of his friends - Lisa, Dulcy, Norman, Cher, Arlene, Danny, Joe and Emily.

Episode 1997

Luis' teenage helper tends to a call from a Mr. Stiles.

Episode 2304

Olivia performs at Birdland. At one point, a bird named "Tooter" knocks on her dressing room door and points out she has "five minutes to curtain."

2600 05.jpg
Episode 2600

After Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus both announce the standard sign-off "Sesame Street is a production of Children's Television Workshop," Snuffy asks, "What is that, Bird?" who replies, "Well I know Joan is one of them."

Episode 2697

Luis gets a call at the Fix-It Shop from someone trying to reach the "DiNapoli Pizza Parlor."

Episode 2718

Oscar and some Grouches imagine what Grouch poet writer Henry Wadsworth Wrongfellow must look like, having never seen him before. Oscar pictures him with a beard to hold his pencils in, a trait associated with Jon Stone.

Episode 2942

The credits of As the Worm Turns features spoof names of the actual Sesame Street production staff, including Inchy Slinger (Dulcy Singer), Misa Slimon (Lisa Simon), Sluggo Stone (Jon Stone), Grub Geiss (Tony Geiss), Planeria Di Crapoli (Victor DiNapoli), Catter Pillips (Bob Phillips) and Mikey Maggotuso (Mike Pantuso).

Episode 3059

In the cold open, Oscar sets up the two letters sponsors of the day. When he realizes they've neglected to mention the number of the day, he alerts Ralph of the mistake (referencing Ralph Mensch, the series' technical director).

Episode 3097

Telly's cast is seen with signatures from "Marty" and "Pam."

Episode 3122

Super Nanny (Penny Pipkins) completely cleans Oscar's trash can, still not knowing anything about Grouches and their very different lifestyle. Looking inside his nice, shiny clean trash can, Oscar laments, "Oh, look at that! 24 years of dirt destroyed! How will I ever get it that messy again?!"

Episode 3171

Norman addresses the Marlon Brando-esque stone as "Mr. Stone." The stone informs him to call him "Jon."

Kalvin Clash The Scent of a Man.jpg
Episode 3376

A bus ad advertises "Kalvin Clash: The Scent of a Man", a spoof of Calvin Klein products.

Episode 3395

Ernestine the Telephone Operator serves as the operator for the Furry Arms Hotel. She responds to one caller, telling her today's sponsors and mentioning how the show is a production of the Children's Television Workshop. She adds, "I think you should know that by now, Ms. Cooney."

Episode 3453

Baby Bear tries to come up with a new name for himself. He proposes "Dave," "Marty" and "Norman."

Episode 3501

In the library, one patron is seen with a copy of The Sesame Street Book & Record.

Episode 3518

Bob tells Renata Scottie that he will get her in touch with a certain dog piano player he knows.

Episode 3615

Pete Ortiz' name is seen on the newspaper ad for the film Moving to Cleveland.

Episode 3749

Big Bird tries to answer Snuffy's question as to what his aunt's last name is. One of his guesses is "Robinson."

Episode 3852

Baby Bear and Telly think up various names to give Little Murray Sparkles; among the many ideas Baby Bear names is "Epstein."

Episode 3964

Using the Letter of the Day, K, Elmo decides to become "King Kevin."

Episode 3970

Rosita and Baby Bear find the spinning part of a pinwheel. As they try to think of what it could be, Baby Bear puts in on his neck, thinking it may be a bow tie, and says, "Wocka Wocka," Fozzie Bear's catchphrase.

Episode 3982

Hooper's Store runs out of cookies for Cookie Monster. Alan offers him some rice cakes instead (rice cakes being what the show's prop makers used for cookies on the show).

Episode 3994

Bob keeps photos of Joe Raposo and Mike Renzi atop his piano.

Episode 4048

Baby Bear walks along Sesame Street reciting a grocery list: "A loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a stick of butter." Later, in Episode 4119, Gordon is buying the same items at Hooper's Store.

Episode 4054

Papa Bear reads from a book of bear names when trying to come up with a name for their new baby. One of those listed is Fozzie, which Baby Bear calls a terrible name for a bear.

The Street We Live On is essentially a one-hour self-referential special made explicitly to showcase an inner examination of Sesame Street from Elmo's point of view.
Episode 4117

Maria fixes a toaster belonging to Frank Oz.

Episode 4125

The crew for The Alphabet Road Show includes a cameraman named Frankie and a slate operator named Fran.
Additionally, the drummer in Old MacDonald's All-Piggy Alphabet Band is named Danny.

Episode 4136

One of the "Help Wanted" ads is from the V. D. Design Department.

Episode 4138

A red toaster that Maria was going to work on belongs to Matt Vogel.

Episode 4173

In Abby's fantasy, Prince Oscar bids farewell to a subject named Eric, then tells him to give his regards to Mary (Jacobson).

Episode 4175

A trio of Lackawanna Ladybugs are seen having a picnic and singing the classic song.

Season 40 features at least one hidden gem in every episode.
Episode 4203

Stickers on Slimey's racecar read "Weber," "Carter," "Mazz-A-Rino," and "Clash Automotive."

Episode 4217

Maria finds Mrs. Mazzarino's cat outside her window. The cat is named "Segi", Mazzarino's adopted daughter's name.

Episode 4270

Alfie Bet's copy of the Sesame Street Daily features pictures of Gordon Price, Geri Cole, and Frank Biondo.

Episode 4305

The localized Spanish version of "EXTRA Sesame Street" is renamed "EXTRA Plaza Sésamo."

Episode 4411

The Noble Prize for Counting awarded to the Count features an image of Jerry Nelson on it.

Episode 4608

Elmo's book, When Dinosaurs Walked on Sesame Street, is shown to be written by Annie Evans and illustrated by Rickey Boyd.

Episode 4811

Elmo is seen reading a book, To Infinity And Biondo.

Episode 4911

Seen in the Sesame Street library's biography section is Caroll Spinney: A Biography by D. J. Gilroy.

Episode 4919

Barkley is depicted on the emblem of Grover's dog walker hat and outfit.

Episode 5029

Oscar's television plays flashes of classic Sesame Street clips, including the "Play to Grow" intro, Don Music's "Row, Row, Row Your Boat," Billy Jo Jive, Lefty and the Golden AN, the Sesame Street News Flash logo, "Roosevelt Franklin Counts," "It's Funny," the Mad Painter, a sketch with Luis and Bob, and a scene of Molly.

Episode 5101

A gated door behind Big Bird's nest is shown to be installed by "MacLean Co."

Episode 5125

Charlie mentions her school teacher Ms. Cooney, and Elmo, Zoe, and Rudy's teacher is named Mr. Morrisett (named after Lloyd Morrisett).

Muppet segments

Picture Description
In an Ernie and Bert sketch, Ernie briefly sings "Go U Northwestern," the fight song to Jim Henson's high school, Northwestern High School in Maryland.
The names in the song "J Friends" are also the names of people behind the scenes: Joe (Raposo), Jane (Henson), Jim (Henson) and Joan (Ganz Cooney).
In a sketch about the Princess and the Cookie, Kermit calls to Jon to get a tight shot of the cookie being placed under the mattress.
In various editions of Roosevelt Franklin Elementary School, written on the blackboard is "JON + BEV."
SSNews Raposo.jpg

Count It Higher.jpg
There are a number of scenes where a framed picture of Joe Raposo is used as decoration. Most notably, it hangs on the wall in Don Music's apartment, and in the home video Count it Higher: Great Music Videos from Sesame Street, Count von Count has a picture of Joe Raposo on top of his television. In Episode 3994, Bob has two picture frames of Joe Raposo and Mike Renzi on his piano.
Manny agent - photo Raposo.jpg
A Sesame Street sketch that takes place in Manny's Casting Office with a tiger and a banana features a photo of Joe Raposo on the wall.
N words and Sesame books.jpg
A segment where the letter N talks about what words it starts ends with it telling viewers not to be noisy at night. During this scene, kids are shown putting away copies of The Sesame Street Book of People and Things and The Sesame Street Book of Puzzlers. (First: Episode 0659)

Piggy photo in old west Sesame sketch.jpg
A sketch with a lavender Anything Muppet, a set of teeth and a brush features a framed photo of Miss Piggy on the wall. Another sketch taking place in the old west features the same photo on the wall.
A little Anything Muppet boy appearing in the game show "What Is It?" is named "Little Sammy Pottle" (named after composer Sam Pottle.
Old woman shoe kids.jpg
In a Sesame Street News Flash sketch, The Old Woman Who Lives in a Shoe tells Heather and Johnny not to fight; Brian, Lisa and Cheryl not to watch too much television; and Polly and Kate to go to bed when the frog says. The first five children named hold the same first names as Jim and Jane Henson's five children, and Polly and Kate are named after Jon Stone's children.
Similarly, in an Alphabet Chat sketch about the letter O, Jon Stone's name appears on the clapboard as director. The Pumpkin man with the clapper board then calls up to "Jon" to focus the camera shot on the fire, and also earlier calls to "George" (a reference to lighting director George Riesenberger) to dim the lights.
Don Music attempts his own remake of the "Sesame Street Theme Song."
In "The Addition Game", Guy Smiley introduces a contestant as Mrs. Frances Oznowitz, a Lavender AM woman.
Ten commandments paging dr stone.jpg
At the beginning of "The Ten Commandments of Health," an alert for Dr. Stone is heard over the loud speaker.
Chet O'Brien's former vaudeville team of himself and his brother Mortimer - Chet and Snooks - were referenced in a few sketches. A pair of Anything Muppets play the pair in a Don Music sketch, two cowpokes share their names in an Old West sketch, and two of the Three Little Pigs are named after them in a sketch with Kermit.
A cartoon depicts the life cycle of a frog: from an egg, to a tadpole, and into adulthood. At the close of the short, the frog shouts, "Hey, Kermit!"
In the Monsterpiece Theater sketch "Upstairs, Downstairs," a picture of Dr. Teeth can be seen on the wall.
At the beginning of the Detective Grover sketch, photos of Dr. Teeth and Roosevelt Franklin's Mother can be seen by the bookshelf.
In an American Express ad spoof with Bert and Ernie, an Anything Muppet director takes Gordon off set for lunch while also acknowledging crew member Dulcy.
Ernie brings home a puppy; Bert suggests calling it Jim, or Norman.
Sesame Street News Flash: Old MacDonald: In this skit from the mid-1980s, Kermit begins by talking to a pig on the farm. "You remind me of somebody, I just can't figure out who."
Kermit cries, "Dulcy, we got the wrong Dwarves again!" in a Sesame Street News Flash sketch.
In the skit "Numberella," party guests can be heard using the words "rev" and "flooper." Both of these words are Doozer slang.
Ernie displays what trees will be wearing each season in a fashion show sketch. His two summer models are named Caroll and Debbie (Spinney).
In "Alone in a Swamp", Oscar and Grundgetta pass a sunken boat named "Ol' Victor D."
When Kermit directed Forgetful Jones in "Oklahoma!," Frank Biondo's name appears as the cameraman on the clapboard.
The chef at O'Brien's Fast Food is named "Chet."
A segment from William Wegman dresses Fay Ray up in a series of animal costumes. One outfit meant to depict a frog prompts the kids in voiceover to dub her Kermit the Dog.
In a season 21 sketch, Guy Smiley takes his audience to lunch at "Chez Normie," restaurant of the semi-stars. Among their clientele are Mr. O'Brien and Ms. Simon.
At the end of "Eight Balls of Fur," after Little Chrissy destroys his piano, he calls offscreen "Hey, Nat! Bring in the next piano, will ya?" (a reference to set decorator Nat Mongioi).
On their way to Earth, The Martians encounter three "pigs in space" wearing spacesuits.
In an edition of "The Adventures of Prairie Dawn" where Prairie saves energy, the ending of her TV show features the audio from the ending scene of episode 2991.
In the Colambo sketch, "The Great Plum Plunder", the title appears on a newspaper headline. The byline for the article is listed as "J. Mazzarino", the writer (and lead performer) of the sketch.
In "Save Your Energy for Me," a photo of Bert and Dulcy Singer is seen on a young girl's wall.
The segment "Worms in Space" featured a voice-over introduced by Jerry Nelson in the same way he used to introduce "Pigs in Space" on The Muppet Show.
Elmos World Bugs ladybug.jpg
In Elmo's World: Bugs, Elmo says a ladybug is going to be late for the ladybugs' picnic.
In a sketch, Elmo introduces kids talking about their imaginary friends. Elmo presents his own imaginary friend, Shannon (named after Kevin Clash's own daughter).
Monster venice book.jpg
In a season 36 insert, Action Elephant is interrupting Maria from reading her book entitled, The Monsters of Venice.
At the end of Elmo's World: Skin, a chameleon asks Elmo if he can play "Rainbow Connection" on his piano.
The models in the "Meal or No Meal" sketch are named after various Muppeteers, including Joey, Erica, Carmen, Leslie and Paula.
In a season 38 insert, Baby Bear sings the chorus of "I in the Sky" under his breath as he draws a capital I.
In the "Super K Cereal" commercial, the cereal box shows it's under the "Kingsley's" brand.
In "President Elmo the Musical," the penguin and chicken team images seen on the scoreboard are based on the models used for The Muppet Show and subsequent productions.
In a spoof of Downton Abbey, "Upside Downton Abbey," photos seen on the wall feature Harvey Kneeslapper and Prince Pedro.
In "Prince Elmo the Musical," Elmo's castle is modeled after that of The King of Eight.
A statue of Mr. Johnson appears in the park in "Repair Monster the Musical." Also seen in the segment is a coffee cup from the "Coffee Plant" sketch.
In the "Cookie's Crumby Pictures" segment, "Les Mousserables," a statue of Mr. Snuffleupagus appears during one sequence, replacing the Elephant of the Bastille.
In the "Lord of the Crumbs" segment of "Cookies Crumby Pictures," a statue of A. B. C-more is seen in the background.
In the "Furry Potter and the Goblet of Cookies" segment of "Cookies Crumby Pictures," some school flags depict images of Sammy the Snake, Chicago the Lion and Little Bird. On the walls are also portraits of Herry Monster, the Amazing Mumford and the Witch from Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree. Additionally, Elmo and Abby are depicted as statues and The Dragon is used as stone heads.
Sg fruit.jpg
In a "Super Grover 2.0" sketch, hanging on the wall of a pineapple's art studio are a painting of the Operatic Orange (from the 1971 animated segment) and a painting of a loaf of bread, container of milk and a stick of butter. Mr. Noodle is also depicted in a "Son of Man" spoof.
The opening theme to "Orange is the New Snack" features close-ups of several characters from various Sesame Street co-productions, including Putri, Chamki, Griotte, Dr. Ruster and Tuktuki.


Picture Description
Dolls in SS film first2446.jpg
A film about a quarter (First: Episode 2446) features several Sesame Street dolls and one Baby Kermit doll in a girl's room.
A film about a little girl and her dog, Puck (First: Episode 2853) features a Bert soft doll and a Holiday Huggable Fozzie doll in the girl's room.
"Ladybugs' Picnic" briefly plays on a tape player in the Jane Tuesday segment "The Case of the Letter L."


Follow That Bird

Picture Description
FTB plane arrival.jpg
The plane Big Bird takes to Oceanview, IL is announced by the airline employee as CTW (Children's Television Workshop) 1138.
FTB Count Cooney.jpg
During the credit crawl at the end of the film, the Count refers to Joan Ganz Cooney as "Mom," a reference to Cooney's role as co-founder of The Children's Television Workshop.

The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland

Picture Description
Elmo Grouchland Fraggle books.jpg
In The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland, two Fraggle Rock books can be seen on Elmo's shelf: What's a Fraggle? and Traveling Matt's Adventures in Outer Space.

Specials and Home Videos

Picture Description
Out to Lunch Kermit motorcycle.jpg
In the special Out to Lunch, Grover Knover's motorcycle features the Henson Associates logo on it.
In Rock & Roll!, five Sesame Street VHS tapes can be seen on the shelves in Jackman Wolf's studio: Monster Hits!, I Want to Go Home!, Count it Higher: Great Music Videos from Sesame Street, The Best of Ernie and Bert, and Sing Yourself Silly!
In The Best of Kermit on Sesame Street, Grover mentions that among the people Kermit would like to thank for his award is "someone called Jim."
In the resource video For Me, For You, For Later and a season 42 episode, Mr. Hooper's image is depicted on the dollar bills in place of George Washington.
In the 2012 video Elmo's Alphabet Challenge, the background during the Just Dance spoof is based on one from the Pinball Number Count series.
In The Cookie Thief, the ladybugs from "Ladybug's Picnic" are rendered in a painting. Other paintings feature likenesses of Harvey Monster, Kermit the Forg, Mr. Noodle ("Man with Cookie") and Ernie and Bert (in "The Cream").
In When You Wish Upon a Pickle, a store seen during the opening credits features many throwback items, including one of the King of Eight's knights, the clock from "Pinball Number Count," the Typewriter, the letter B portrait from the Beetles' "Letter B," a sign of the Sesame Street News Flash logo, a striped barrel from Big Bird's nest, an LP of Bob Sings! and a rug based on the "Geometry of Circles" animation.

Sesame Beginnings

Picture Description
Moving Together - Ethel Mermaid.jpg
In Moving Together during "Buggy Baby Boogie," a framed picture of Ethel Mermaid is used as a decorative in Cookie Monster's Grandma's house.
Make Music Together - Alphabeats.jpg
In Make Music Together during "Swing Baby Swing," Louie has two framed pictures of the two Alphabeats on his shelf.


Picture Description
In The Sesame Street Storybook, Jim Henson and Frank Oz are pictured in the upstairs windows of 123 Sesame Street in the frontispiece. Michael Frith is also pictured in a poster on the wall.
In The Sesame Street Storybook, a poster is seen advertising "Elma and Jerry's Fine Cookies." This is a reference to Random House's Vice President of Children's Publishing Jerry Harrison and his assistant Elma Otto.
In The Sesame Street Storybook, a poster reads "Elect Theon Banks," Michael Frith's assistant at the time at the Jim Henson Company.
Jim at Circus cameo.JPG
In The Sesame Street 1, 2, 3 Storybook, Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Kermit Love, and Michael Frith are pictured in the audience of the circus.
In the book The Exciting Adventures of Super Grover, during the scene where they put on the play of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Bert wears a bear costume that somewhat resembles Fozzie Bear, complete with orange fur and a porkpie hat.
In the storybook Don't Forget the Oatmeal! there is an issue of Sesame Street Magazine with Bert and Ernie on the cover, as Bert and Ernie are checking out. Among the other magazines is an issue of "Stars" with Miss Piggy on the cover. Rubber Duckie can also been seen on the cover of a box of "Rub-A-Dub" soap pads in the grocery store.

Sesame Street comics

Picture Description
"Issue #1: Little Castle Built By Prairie"

Prairie Dawn is seen playing with dolls of The King of Eight and his jester. Her cardboard castle is topped with an "8" flag.

"Issue #1: The Count Counts"

The Count is seen by a car from "Nelson Motors" and a salesman resembling Jerry Nelson.

"Issue #3: Shadow of a Snout"

A Red Fraggle doll is used in a demonstration of shadows.


Picture Description
In a "Grovercize" segment in Kinect Sesame Street TV, one of the participants' wall features a clock based on the one seen in the Pinball Number Count segments. In a Letter R edition of "The Letter Tree" segment, a rabbit uses the magic words, "A la peanut butter sandwich!" to make himself disappear.
Among the custom-made products on the shelves of Hooper's Store are boxes of "Sonia's Toaster Brand Bread Crumbs."
The YouTube-released "Elmo's Christmas Dream" from 2014 featured an appearance of Sam the Robot as a small toy robot in Elmo's room, and flying past in their imagination.

The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo

Picture Description
In episode 107, Elmo asks for camera operator Frankie to get a tight shot of his picture.

International Sesame Street

Galli Galli Sim Sim

Picture Description
Some Sesame Street coloring/activity books, including The Neighborhood Coloring Book (1976), can be seen in Khadoosa's cart.

Shalom Sesame

Picture Description
In an animated segment of "Here is Your Life" for an olive oil jug currently living in a museum (seen in the Chanukah episode), pictures from Ernie and Bert's trip to Egypt and Cookie Monster as a king can be seen on the wall.

Sesame English

Picture Description
In "Tingo the Superstar," the slate used by the characters on a film shoot lists "M. Gutierrez" on camera, named after one of the show's actual camera operators, Manny Gutierrez.
In "Niki's Big Surprise," the airport announcement system is heard at one point saying, "Paging, Dr. Bernstein."


Picture Description
Arjan - Animal shirt.jpg
Arjan Smit is wearing an unlicensed Animal T-shirt in several sketches.


Picture Description
Even long after moving away from Sesamstrasse in 2005, Tiffy apparently left her mark: Her name can be found in graffiti form on an electrical box on the sidewalk (as late as 2018).
In Folge 2824, Bert's book Tauben im Weltall ("Pigeons in Space") is an unmistakable reference to the recurring Muppet Show sketch Pigs in Space.

Plaza Sésamo

Picture Description
In Episode 835, during Maria's song about hands, scenes of kids drawing are shown. Some kids are seen drawing Plaza Sésamo characters, including Kermit the Frog.
In Episode 885, Pancho's radio studio is covered with various posters featuring the Sesame Street characters and the book "Elmo's World: Music!".
In various episodes, official Plaza Sésamo party supplies are seen being used by the characters.
Also in assorted episodes, a photo of Big Bird is used as a stamp on various letters and packages (including a letter sent to Abelardo by Big Bird himself).
In one episode, La Abuela reads "C is for Cooking: Recipes from the Street", but with a modified, Spanish cover.
Images of the Sesame Street characters are seen all over the plaza, such as on magazine covers, newspapers and posters.
In a healthy tip closing insert, Mauricio Barcelata and a parrot show Pancho pictures of people who keep their hair neat. A picture of Roosevelt Franklin is used.
In a 2010 episode, an image of the Swedish Chef appears on the cooking section of Pancho's newspaper (but with eyes drawn in with marker).

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