Muppet scenes mentioning names of performers, Henson employees, other Henson productions and other pieces of inside information.

Sesame Street

Street Scenes/Stories

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Episode 1257

Olivia asks Telly Monster to name some M words. He instead lists some TV shows that start with M. Included in his list is "Muppet Show."

When Bob and Big Bird sing "The Phone Book Alphabet", they mention the names Epstein, Napoli, Myhrum, Singer, and Stone.
Episode 1446

The names Big Bird lists when he sings "What's Your Name" include two producers, the director, and five writers from Season 12: "Lisa, Jon, or Dulcy; Emily or Ray; Judy, Sara, Norman."

Episode 1708

Most of the names yelled out during the mail call are the same as the Sesame Street staff, including Lisa Simon, Joan Ganz Cooney, Emily Squires, Ozzie Alfonso, Dulcy Singer, Janet Shapiro (researcher from seasons 10-13), Jon Stone, Thelma Moses, Al Hyslop, and Jeff Moss.

Episode 1710

The Echo Rock award for best letter writer went to a kid named Norman Stiles. Al Hyslop also receives "most organized" and Joseph A. Bailey gets "best nutrition."

Episode 2504

Olivia performs at Birdland. At one point, a bird named "Tooter" knocks on her dressing room door and points out she has "five minutes to curtain."

Episode 2942

The credits of As the Worm Turns features spoof names of the actual Sesame Street production staff, including Inchy Slinger (Dulcy Singer), Misa Slimon (Lisa Simon), Sluggo Stone (Jon Stone), Grub Geiss (Tony Geiss), Planeria Di Crapoli (Victor DiNapoli), Catter Pillips (Bob Phillips) and Mikey Maggotuso (Mike Pantuso).

Episode 3122

Super Nanny (Penny Pipkins) completely cleans Oscar's trash can, not knowing that Grouches don't like anything that's clean. Looking inside his nice, shiny clean trash can, Oscar laments, "Oh, look at that! 24 years of dirt destroyed! How will I ever get it that messy again?!"

Kalvin Clash The Scent of a Man
Episode 3376

A bus ad advertises "Kalvin Clash: The Scent of a Man", a spoof of Calvin Klein products.

Episode 3395

Ernestine the Telephone Operator serves as the operator for the Furry Arms Hotel. She responds to one caller, telling her today's sponsors and mentioning how the show is a production of the Children's Television Workshop. She adds, "I think you should know that by now, Ms. Cooney."

Episode 3453

Baby Bear tries to come up with a new name for himself. He proposes "Dave," "Marty" and "Norman."

Episode 3501

In the library, one patron is seen with a copy of The Sesame Street Book & Record.

Episode 3518

Bob tells Renata Scottie that he will get her in touch with a certain dog piano player he knows.

Episode 3749

Big Bird tries to answer Snuffy's question as to what his aunt's last name is. One of his guesses is "Robinson."

Episode 3852

Baby Bear and Telly think up various names to give Little Murray Sparkles; among the many ideas Baby Bear names is "Epstein."

Episode 3964

Using the Letter of the Day, K, Elmo decides to become "King Kevin."

Episode 3970

Rosita and Baby Bear find the spinning part of a pinwheel. As they try to think of what it could be, Baby Bear puts in on his neck, thinking it may be a bow tie, and says, "Wocka Wocka," Fozzie Bear's catchphrase.

Episode 3982

Hooper's Store runs out of cookies for Cookie Monster. Alan offers him some rice cakes instead (rice cakes being what the show's prop makers use for cookies on the show).

Episode 3994

Bob keeps photos of Joe Raposo and Mike Renzi atop his piano.

Episode 4048

Baby Bear walks along Sesame Street reciting a grocery list: "A loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a stick of butter." Later, in Episode 4119, Gordon is buying the same items at Hooper's Store.

Episode 4054

Papa Bear reads from a book of bear names when trying to come up with a name for their new baby. One of those listed is Fozzie Bear, which Baby Bear calls a terrible name for a bear.

The Street We Live On is essentially a one-hour self-referential special made explicitly to showcase an inner examination of Sesame Street from Elmo's point of view.
Episode 4117

Maria fixes a toaster belonging to Frank Oz.

Episode 4138

A red toaster that Maria was going to work on belongs to Matt Vogel.

Episode 4173

In Abby's fantasy, Prince Oscar bids farewell to a subject named Eric, then tells him to give his regards to Mary (Jacobson).

Episode 4175

A trio of Lackawanna Ladybugs are seen having a picnic and singing the classic song.

Season 40 features at least one hidden gem in every episode.
Episode 4203

Stickers on Slimey's racecar read "Weber," "Carter," "Mazz-A-Rino," and "Clash Automotive."

Episode 4217

Maria finds Mrs. Mazzarino's cat outside her window. The cat is named "Segi", Mazzarino's adopted daughter's name.

Episode 4305

The localized Spanish version of "EXTRA Sesame Street" is renamed "EXTRA Plaza Sésamo."

Episode 4411

The Noble Prize for Counting awarded to the Count features an image of Jerry Nelson on it.

Episode 4608

Elmo's book, When Dinosaurs Walked on Sesame Street, is shown to be written by Annie Evans and illustrated by Rickey Boyd.


Picture Description
In an Ernie and Bert sketch, Ernie briefly sings "Go U Northwestern," the fight song to Jim Henson's high school, Northwestern High School in Maryland.
The names in the song "J Friends" are also the names of people behind the scenes: Joe (Raposo), Jane (Henson), Jim (Henson) and Joan (Ganz Cooney).
In a sketch about the Princess and the Cookie, Kermit calls to Jon to get a tight shot of the cookie being placed under the mattress.
In various editions of Roosevelt Franklin Elementary School, written on the blackboard is "JON + BEV."
Count It Higher
There are a number of scenes where a framed picture of Joe Raposo is used as decoration. Most notably, it hangs on the wall in Don Music's apartment, and in the home video Count it Higher: Great Music Videos from Sesame Street, Count von Count has a picture of Joe Raposo on top of his television. In Episode 3994, Bob has two picture frames of Joe Raposo and Mike Renzi on his piano.
Manny agent - photo Raposo
A Sesame Street sketch that takes place in Manny's Casting Office with a tiger and a banana features a photo of Joe Raposo on the wall.
N words and Sesame books
A segment where the letter N talks about what words it starts ends with it telling viewers not to be noisy at night. During this scene, kids are shown putting away copies of The Sesame Street Book of People and Things and The Sesame Street Book of Puzzlers. (EKA: Episode 1092)

Piggy photo in old west Sesame sketch
A sketch with a lavender Anything Muppet, a set of teeth and a brush features a framed photo of Miss Piggy on the wall. Another old west sketch features the same photo on the wall.
A little Anything Muppet boy appearing in the game show "What Is It?" is named "Little Sammy Pottle" (named after composer Sam Pottle.
Old woman shoe kids
In a Sesame Street News Flash sketch, The Old Woman Who Lives in a Shoe tells Heather and Johnny not to fight; Brian, Lisa and Cheryl not to watch too much television; and Polly and Kate to go to bed when the frog says. The first five children named hold the same first names as Jim and Jane Henson's five children, and Polly and Kate are named after Jon Stone's children.
Similarly, in an Alphabet Chat sketch about the letter O, Jon Stone's name appears on the clapboard as director.
Don Music attempts his own remake of the "Sesame Street Theme Song."
In "The Addition Game", Guy Smiley introduces a contestant as Mrs. Frances Oznowitz, a Lavender AM woman.
Ten commandments paging dr stone
At the beginning of "The Ten Commandments of Health," an alert for Dr. Stone is heard over the loud speaker.
Chet O'Brien's former comedy team of himself and his brother Mortimer - Chet and Snooks - were referenced in a few sketches. A pair of Anything Muppets play the pair in a Don Music sketch, two cowpokes share their names in an Old West sketch and two of the Three Little Pigs are named after them in a sketch with Kermit.
In the Monsterpiece Theater sketch "Upstairs, Downstairs," a picture of Dr. Teeth can be seen on the wall.
At the beginning of the Detective Grover sketch, photos of Dr. Teeth and Roosevelt Franklin's Mother can be seen by the bookshelf.
Ernie brings home a puppy; Bert suggests calling it Jim, or Norman.
Sesame Street News Flash: Old MacDonald: In this skit from the mid-1980s, Kermit begins by talking to a pig on the farm. "You remind me of somebody, I just can't figure out who."
Kermit cries, "Dulcy, we got the wrong Dwarves again!" in a Sesame Street News Flash sketch.
In the skit "Numberella," party guests can be heard using the words "rev" and "flooper." Both of these words are Doozer slang.
Ernie displays what trees will be wearing each season in a fashion show sketch. His two summer models are named Caroll and Debbie (Spinney).
In "Alone in a Swamp", Oscar and Grundgetta pass a sunken boat named "Ol' Victor D."
When Kermit directed Forgetful Jones in "Oklahoma!," Frank Biondo's name appears as the cameraman on the clapboard.
The chef at O'Brien's Fast Food is named "Chet."
On their way to Earth, The Martians encounter three "pigs in space" wearing spacesuits.
In an edition of "The Adventures of Prairie Dawn" where Prairie saves energy, the ending of her TV show features the audio from the ending scene of episode 2991.
In the Colambo sketch, "The Great Plum Plunder", the title appears on a newspaper headline. The byline for the article is listed as "J. Mazzarino", the writer (and lead performer) of the sketch.
The segment "Worms in Space" featured a voice-over introduced by Jerry Nelson in the same way he used to introduce "Pigs in Space" on The Muppet Show.
Elmos World Bugs ladybug
In Elmo's World: Bugs, Elmo says a ladybug is going to be late for the ladybugs' picnic.
In a sketch, Elmo introduces kids talking about their imaginary friends. Elmo presents his own imaginary friend, Shannon (named after Kevin Clash's own daughter).
"Ladybugs' Picnic" briefly plays on a tape player in the Jane Tuesday segment "The Case of the Letter L."
Monster venice book
In a season 36 insert, Action Elephant is interrupting Maria from reading her book entitled, The Monsters of Venice.
At the end of Elmo's World: Skin, a chameleon asks Elmo if he can play "The Rainbow Connection" on his piano.
The models in the "Meal or No Meal" sketch are named after various Muppeteers, including Joey, Erica, Carmen, Leslie and Paula.
In a season 38 insert, Baby Bear sings the chorus of "I in the Sky" under his breath as he draws a capital I.
In the "Super K Cereal" commercial, the cereal box shows it's under the "Kingsley's" brand.
In "President Elmo the Musical," the penguin and chicken team images seen on the scoreboard are based on the models used for The Muppet Show and subsequent productions.
In a spoof of Downton Abbey, "Upside Downton Abbey," photos seen on the wall feature Harvey Kneeslapper and Prince Pedro.
In "Prince Elmo the Musical," Elmo's castle is modelled after that of The King of Eight.
A statue of Mr. Johnson appears in the park in "Repair Monster the Musical." Also seen in the segment is a coffee cup from the "Coffee Plant" sketch.
In the "Cookie's Crumby Pictures" segment, "Les Mousserables," a statue of Mr. Snuffleupagus appears during one sequence, replacing the Elephant of the Bastille.
In the "Lord of the Crumbs" segment of "Cookies Crumby Pictures," a statue of A. B. C-more is seen in the background.
In the "Furry Potter and the Goblet of Cookies" segment of "Cookies Crumby Pictures," some school flags depict images of Sammy the Snake, Chicago the Lion and Little Bird. On the walls are also portraits of Herry Monster, the Amazing Mumford and the Witch from Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree. Additionally, Elmo and Abby are depicted as statues and The Dragon is used as stone heads.
Sg fruit
In a "Super Grover 2.0" sketch, hanging on the wall of a pineapple's art studio are a painting of the Operatic Orange (from the 1971 animated segment) and a painting of a loaf of bread, container of milk and a stick of butter. Mr. Noodle is also dipicted in a "Son of Man" spoof.
The opening theme to "Orange is the New Snack" features close-ups of several characters from various Sesame Street co-productions, including Putri, Chamki, Griotte, Dr. Ruster and Tuktuki.


Picture Description
In the special Out to Lunch, Grover Knover's motorcycle features the Henson Associates logo on it.
In the book The Exciting Adventures of Super Grover, during the scene where they put on the play of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Bert wears a bear costume that somewhat resembles Fozzie Bear, complete with orange fur and a porkpie hat.
In the storybook Don't Forget the Oatmeal! there is an issue of Sesame Street Magazine with Bert and Ernie on the cover, as Bert and Ernie are checking out. Among the other magazines is an issue of "Stars" with Miss Piggy on the cover. Rubber Duckie can also been seen on the cover of a box of "Rub-A-Dub" soap pads in the grocery store.
In The Best of Kermit on Sesame Street, Grover mentions that among the people Kermit would like to thank for his award is "someone called Jim."
Elmo Grouchland Fraggle books
In The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland, two Fraggle Rock books can be seen on Elmo's shelf: What's a Fraggle? and Traveling Matt's Adventures in Outer Space.
In the resource video For Me, For You, For Later and a season 42 episode, Mr. Hooper's image is depicted on the dollar bills in place of George Washington.
In the 2012 video Elmo's Alphabet Challenge, the background during the Just Dance spoof is based on one from the Pinball Number Count series.
In a "Grovercize" segment in Kinect Sesame Street TV, one of the participants' wall features a clock based on the one seen in the Pinball Number Count segments. In a Letter R edition of "The Letter Tree" segment, a rabbit uses the magic words, "A la peanut butter sandwich!" to make himself disappear.
Among the custom-made products on the shelves of Hooper's Store are boxes of "Sonia's Toaster Brand Bread Crumbs."
The YouTube-released "Elmo's Christmas Dream" from 2014 featured an appearance of Sam the Robot as a small toy robot in Elmo's room, and flying past in their imagination.
In The Cookie Thief, the ladybugs from "Ladybug's Picnic" are rendered in a painting. Other paintings feature likenesses of Harvey Monster, Kermit the Forg, Mr. Noodle ("Man with Cookie") and Ernie and Bert (in "The Cream").

Follow That Bird

Picture Description
FTB plane arrival
The plane Big Bird takes to Oceanview, IL is announced by the airline employee as CTW (Children's Television Workshop) 1138.
FTB Count Cooney
During the credit crawl at the end of the film, the Count refers to Joan Ganz Cooney as "Mom," a reference to Cooney's role as co-founder of The Children's Television Workshop.

The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence

Picture Description
SexandV Big Bird picture
Several photos swap out of the main congregating area that frames the rest of the sketches in the show. One of them is a picture of Big Bird, shown hanging on the wall.
SexandV Rowlf dance
In "At the Dance," Rowlf mentions he used to be a big star with Jimmy Dean: no one remembers him anymore.
SexandV Kermit flirt
In another part of the same sketch, Kermit tells his dance partner, "I might be able to get you a job on an educational show for kids."
SexandV lady Ernie
In yet another part of the same sketch, Bert dances with a woman that bears a striking resemblance to Ernie.

The Muppet Show

Picture Description
Episode 108: In the Telephone Pole Bit, Fozzie names himself Mike Oznowiczky; Mike Oznowicz was Frank Oz' father.
Episode 119: Sheriff David Goelz is mentioned in Muppet News Flash. (However, the Season 1 DVD subtitles translate his name as Sheriff David Coles.)
Bye bye blackbird
Episode 215: Lou Rawls: During Lou Rawls' performance of "Bye Bye Blackbird", Lou mentions several kinds of birds, and jokingly lists Big Bird.
Episode 217: Julie Andrews: A poster is seen advertising an "8 Feet Tall Yellow Canary" (Big Bird).
Louise Gold JOUST BTS copy
Episode 305: Pearl Bailey: During the joust, The Back Knight (Gonzo) yells to his steed (a cow), "Run, Louise, run!" (named after her puppeteer).
Episode 306: Jean Stapleton: There is a sign backstage which reads: "NOTICE -- TRY-OUTS FOR DANCING PIGEONS Must be able to do the buck and wing -- Contact Bert of S.S." and a telephone number.
Episode 313: Muppet News Flash mentions Mr. and Mrs. Lazer attempting to break the record for overhand refrigerator throwing.
Episode 402: Issue 80 of Sesame Street Magazine can be seen hanging by the stairs in the Canteen before it is stolen by the Prairie Dogs.
Episode 419: Muppet News Flash features a story on the crocodile god Rezal-evad-gib, which is "Big Dave Lazer" spelled backwards.
Episode 509: Muppet News Flash mentions French designer David Lazeur.
513 zleog divad oznog
Episode 513: Tony Randall recites several magic words, which turn out to be Muppeteer names spelled backwards: Evets Erimtihw, Noslen Yrrej, Tnuh Drahcir, Zleog Evad, Oznog and, once again, Rezal Evad Gib.

The Muppet Movie

Picture Description
The opening scenes feature Bernie the Agent (Bernie Brillstein).
Kermit and the gang audition for Lew Lord (Lord Lew Grade).
When driving to Hollywood, Kermit and Fozzie encounter Big Bird, who is walking to New York City with dreams of breaking into public television. Later in the film, a picture of Big Bird can be seen in the Electric Mayhem Bus.

The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show

Picture Description
During several of the control room scenes, Sesame Street footage of Ernie and Bert appears on some of the smaller screens.

Fraggle Rock

Picture Description
FR101 letter from
Doc receives letters from Caroly in "Beginnings", Kermit in "Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk", and Duncan in "All Work and All Play".
FR dog names Rowlf
In "Red's Club," Doc and Sprocket are compiling a list of dogs to be in Sprocket's club; one of the names mentioned is Rowlf.
The Traveling Matt sequence in "Boober's Dream" includes a clip from The Dark Crystal. It's the scene where Jen and Kira ride the Landstriters.
The Traveling Matt sequence in "Sir Hubris and the Gorgs" shows children dressed as Kermit and Miss Piggy for Halloween.
FR Clark-McElcheran Dog Feeder
In "Junior Sells the Farm", Doc orders the Clark-McElcheran Dog Feeder, referring to the show's two special effect gurus: George Clark and Tim McElcheran.
FR220 Sesame toys
The Traveling Matt sequence in "A Cave of One's Own" features Bert and Oscar the Grouch plush dolls in the playroom of two little girls. Also a Kermit plush can be seen on top of the dresser. A Scooter plush was also seen in a little girl's arms in the background in the Traveling Matt segment from "Mokey's Funeral".
The Swedish Dog
In "The Cavern of Lost Dreams," Sprocket does an imitation of The Swedish Chef while inventing a cereal -- complete with theme song hum and "Bork bork!"

The Muppets Take Manhattan

Picture Description
MTM Variety Broadway Producer Directory
Composer Jeff Moss' name appears in the Broadway Producers directory in Fozzie Bear's copy of Variety.
As the Muppet gang is walking down the street, shortly before discovering Pete's Luncheonette, a street vendor can be seen in the background, selling hand puppets to passersby.
Two of the dogs in Rowlf's pet shelter are named Jim and Frank (although they were played by Dave Goelz and Karen Prell).
Baby Rowlf has a plush doll of Big Bird during the song "I'm Gonna Always Love You." For the scene, a rubber duckie can be seen sitting on a shelf behind him.

Muppet Babies

Picture Description
Muppets Go Hollywood footage in Muppet Babies
In "What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?," footage of the red carpet crowd in The Muppets Go Hollywood is used as Baby Piggy and Baby Kermit imagine a famous lifestyle.
In "Close Encounters of the Frog Kind," a brief shot from The Muppet Movie, of Kermit's legs exiting Bunsen's laboratory, is used during the Western scene between Baby Kermit and Baby Gonzo.
MB201 Henson and Frith St
In "Once Upon an Egg Timer," when Baby Skeeter as a police officer is chasing after Baby Piggy for taking Baby Rowlf's voice, she calls on the radio for a roadblock on Henson and Frith Street.
MB208 Danhurst College
As the curtain rises on Baby Piggy in "Musical Muppets," the college auditorium audience scene from the beginning of The Muppets Take Manhattan is used as a backdrop for the animated characters.
In "When You Wish Upon a Muppet", after Baby Kermit wishes that the Muppets stay together and make movies and TV shows when they grow up, a clip from The Great Muppet Caper is shown.
MB308 Oscar
In "The Daily Muppet," a clip featuring Oscar the Grouch is shown during the title song.
MB312 Skeksis
In "Fine Feathered Enemies" when Scooter and Skeeter get angry with each other and "divorce" each other from being siblings, they are told to become the siblings of two other people. They turn out to be two Skeksis from The Dark Crystal (SkekAyuk and SkekEkt), who flee from them. This shot was originally used in The Dark Crystal, when the two Skeksis scream in horror and run from Kira.
Incredible shrinking weirdo1
"The Incredible Shrinking Weirdo" features a scene where a live-action adult Kermit interacts with an animated Baby Gonzo. A clip from The Muppet Show (Episode 223: John Cleese) was used, with Frank Welker dubbing new lines for Kermit and with Baby Gonzo matted into the scene. This fantasy sequence also featured a shot of the audience that was frequently used on The Muppet Show.
At the beginning of "This Little Piggy Went to Hollywood", the babies watch a TV special on Hollywood that showcased still photo of stars including Bert and Ernie, as well as a photo of Jim Henson.
MB501 Dr Teeth
In "Muppets Not Included," a live-action Dr. Teeth appears as one of the hundreds of celebrities in Baby Piggy's game show, "Celebrity Circles."
In "Junkyard Muppets," Baby Fozzie attempts to open a cave with the phrase "Open Sesame Street!"
MB513 Sesame Street diner
In "Bug-Busting Babies" the babies become bug exterminators and set out to recruit members for the team. Their first recruit is Kermit the Frog, who they find working at a diner off of Sesame Street.
MB615 Labyrinth
"Babes in Troyland," features clips from Labyrinth and The StoryTeller: Greek Myths. During the Minotaur's maze, scene clips include the Illusionary maze and the Labyrinth.
MB701 Muppets Clean Manhattan
In "Muppet Babies: The Next Generation", when the other babies think that Baby Rowlf is playing charades, one of Piggy's guesses is "The Muppets Clean Manhattan".
MB704 Sesame Seed Boulevard
"Gonzee's Playhouse Channel" features a parody of Sesame Street, called "Sesame Seed Boulevard". Highlights include Baby Kermit's attempts to teach viewers about the letter B, Baby Fozzie in the role of "Big Joke", Baby Animal appearing in a trashcan like Oscar the Grouch, and Kermit and Baby Scooter using paper bags in the roles of Kert and Bernie.
In "Get Me to the Perch on Time," as Baby Kermit and Piggy fly in a plane, they pass Mount Rushmore, as seen in The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence, with dubbed dialog. Later, Gonzo and Fozzie are trying to find a missing penguin in the arctic. They decide to put his picture up on their blimp board, but Fozzie includes an image of Big Bird instead.
"Nice to Have Gnome You" features clips from both Labyrinth and The Witches. Several of the Babies appear as characters from Labyrinth, intercut with footage of the actual Creatures, including Baby Gonzo as Hoggle, Animal as Ludo, and Scooter as The Worm.
Masquerade ball
The storybook Baby Piggy's Night at the Ball features illustrated cameos of costumes from the Henson Company Masquerade Balls.

Little Muppet Monsters

Picture Description
The door to the basement has a picture of the cast from Pigs in Space.

Fraggle Rock: The Animated Series

Picture Description
A recurring gag through the entire series involved a Fraggle hunting for worms. In episode 111 (Red's Drippy Dilemma), the worm collector is captured by Big V, in reference to the classic "Glow-Worm" sketch.

The Jim Henson Hour

Picture Description
The Inner Tube pilot features videos from various Muppet productions on the monitors, including The Muppet Show, Rowlf's Rhapsodies with the Muppets and Sam and Friends.
When Digit has a case of "the reruns" in episode 101 and strings together a number of television catch phrases, one of the sentence fragments he utters is "Today's show is brought to you by the letter--", a reference to the sponsor letters on Sesame Street.

Ghost of Faffner Hall

Picture Description
Faffner Hall Kermit pendant
In "Improvised Music", Mr. Director, a lookalike of Peter Harris, wears a necklace with a miniature Kermit dangling from it. This is the Kermit pendant given to cast, crew and guests on The Muppet Show.
In "Notation: The Sign That Gets the Sound, a nursery set is decorated in with Muppet Babies wallpaper.

The Muppets at Walt Disney World

Picture Description
When Miss Piggy takes control of the military aircraft in the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, Kermit calls out to her: "How are we going to explain this to Big Bird?"

Shalom Sesame

Picture Description
In an animated segment of "Here is Your Life" for an olive oil jug currently living in a museum (seen in the Chanukah episode), pictures from Ernie and Bert's trip to Egypt and Cookie Monster as a king can be seen on the wall.


Picture Description
Dinosaurs Family Challenge credits
In "Family Challenge," the credits for the Dinosaur TV show Pangea's Funniest Home Injuries lists Polly Smith, BC. as head of wardrobe, David A. Caplan and Brian LaPan as Executive Producers, and Tim Doyle as Term Writer.
In "The Greatest Story Ever Sold," one philosopher suggests that the origins of the dinosaurs all started with a frog.
In "Terrible Twos," two of Blarney's playmates are named Tim and Jeff (the writer and director of the episode, respectively).
Says Me St
In "Georgie Must Die," Roy Hess uses "Bob Young" as a fake name. Later, on Georgie's set, a street sign reads "Says Me St."

Good Morning America

Picture Description
In the "Pop Psychology" sketch, Behemoth's inner child babbles "Mama. Mama. Bert and Ernie!"

The Muppet Christmas Carol

Picture Description
Amidst the shops in Victorian London, one sign reads "Duncan & Kenworthy, Booksellers."
There is a store called "Micklewhite's [Something] Candie Shoppe" - Michael Caine's real name is Maurice Micklewhite.
Another sign, on a haberdashery near the end of the film, says "Statler & Waldorf."
Louise the chicken was named in an ad lib by Dave Goelz after fellow Muppeteer Louise Gold, who had been assisting him with Gonzo.[1]
Hey its frank
Although part of the gag reel, there is a scene where Gonzo and Rizzo are sitting on the shelf with the busts. Rizzo takes one look at the bust of Shakespeare and exclaims, "Hey! It's Frank Oz!". Gonzo adds, "They coated him with plaster! Frank, speak to us!"

Dog City

Picture Description
In the second season episode "Farewell, My Rosie," the director of a TV crew doing a feature on Terri Springer is wearing a Mutts Take Manhattan shirt.

The Animal Show

Picture Description
In Spoonbill & Salmon, Stinky and Jake interview Yorick the Salmon, who not only shares the same name as a previous Muppet character, but notes that one of the fish in the video he brings is one of his "salmon friends".
In Colobus Monkey & Flying Squirrel, during the "Animal Awards", Armstrong the Chicken Hawk gives a shout-out to his friend Jim Lewis.

Muppet Classic Theater

Picture Description
During the song "Gotta Get That Name," some of the names that are used include Ernie, Fozzie and Rowlf.

Muppets Tonight

Picture Description
Muppets Tonight opening Kermit
In many episodes, when Kermit announces the guest star of the episode, a Pigs in Space photo it is visible behind Kermit. Similarly, the commissary featured posters from sets of Muppet Trading Cards. This is similar to The Muppet Show featuring photos of previous guest stars hanging on the walls of the theatre.
Episode 105 opens with a shot of a newspaper, featuring an ad for Muppet Treasure Island.
When Bobo the Bear puts The Mad Bomber on hold in episode 107, an audio clip of Kermit singing "The Rainbow Connection" can be heard.
Later in the episode, Gonzo suggests putting on an episode of Muppet Babies, carrying the Muppet Babies video "Let's Build".
Frequently in the "Mr. Callahan" sketches, Clueless Morgan calls for a musical cue from Paul.

Big Bag

Picture Description
In The Birthday Blah, when Chelli finds out it is Sofie's birthday, he plans to throw her a party because he says that a birthday without a party is like Bert without that orange guy.

Muppets from Space

Picture Description
According to the book Muppets from Space: The Making of Muppet Movie Magic, the "door in a jar" provided by Muppet Labs was intended to be a replica of the front door of 123 Sesame Street. As realized, there are several differences. 123 Sesame Street's stoop has 6 steps and the "door in a jar" had 7, and the window above the door differs from the Sesame design. The "door in a jar" was also red whereas 123 Sesame Street's door was green (the door of 123 Sesame was red for a period of time but that did not happen until 3 years after Muppets from Space was released). However, the door is a replica of the the door used in The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland, which was filmed concurrently with Muppets from Space.
The newspaper that Kermit reads during the breakfast scene is called the "Hensonville News Observer".

Sesame English

Picture Description
In "Tingo the Superstar," the slate used by the characters on a film shoot lists "M. Gutierrez" on camera, named after one of the show's actual camera operators, Manny Gutierrez.
In "Niki's Big Surprise," the airport announcement system is heard at one point saying, "Paging, Dr. Bernstein."


Picture Description
In "Thanks for Sharing," Crichton names several alien villains. Among them are the Skeksis.
In "Kansas," Aeryn tries to learn to speak English by watching Sesame Street -- specifically, the Muppet & Kid Moment in which Kermit and Joey say the alphabet and she keeps adding "Cookie Monster!"
In Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars, John Crichton comments that he's being chased by The Electric Mayhem.

Kermit's Swamp Years

Picture Description
There are several behind-the-scenes references in the pet store. Performer names include Frank and Steve's Monkey Shines, Goelz Guppy Grub, Nelson's Super Fine Cat Food and Lazer Pet Academy. Products include Salmon Friends fish food and Puppet Chow.
Wilson's license plate is JMH-924 -- James Maury Henson, September 24 (his birthday).
KSY Mary's car
Mary's license plate is DG-529 -- David Gumpel (the director), May 29 (his birthday).
Wilson also has an Animal keychain on his truck keys.
When Kermit speaks to the star from the swamp, he says, "You called my name," a reference to the lyric from "The Rainbow Connection."
KSY Hartis
The Hartis movie theater is name after Muppet builder Paul Hartis, who was heavily involved with this film.
In the bloopers, Kermit messes up his line in the opening scene, and does a Swedish Chef imitation.
The story takes place in Leland, Mississippi - Jim Henson's home town.
When Kermit is chased by an animal and told that it's a pig he says, "A pig, huh? I hope I never see another one of those my entire life."
KSY Henson reference
Kermit encounters a young man from the "Henson" household who lends him a hand.
A boy who visits the pet store has a dog named Rowlf.

Muppet Action Figures

Picture Description
Sam action figure book Decency
The regular variant of Sam the Eagle Action Figure Series 8 by Palisades Toys includes a book titled "Standards and Practices - The code of Ethics and The Standards of Professional Conduct, 118th Edition". Inside the book is the "Nudity" speech from episode 206 and The Muppet Show 2 album.
Sam book important people
The "shifty-eyed" variant of Sam the Eagle Action Figure Series 8 by Palisades Toys includes a book titled Strategies for the All-American Campaign: Sam the Eagle 2004. Inside the book is a list of "Important people to mention in speeche" (sic). The list includes Wayne and Wanda.

It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie

Picture Description
The Italian restaurant to the right of the Muppet Theater is called "Barretta's Italian Ristorante and Pizza."
DocHopper's In The World in which Kermit was Never Born, Doc Hopper's Frog Legs appears and is a thriving and growing fast-food restaurant, with a franchise in Bitterman Plaza
A deleted scene featuring Santa Claus is titled The Great Santa Claus Switch.

Muppets Party Cruise

Picture Description
The original Muppet Show title card is used as part of the backdrop in the "Stage Fright" game.
The description for "Food Fight" is based on Dr. Teeth's reading of The Muppet Movie screenplay in the film.
Among the names pre-programmed into the high score listings are "Steve W," "Kevin C" and "Brian H."


Picture Description
Mirrormask MIS
One of the books that fly off the library shelves is entitled "Muppets in Space."

The Muppets' Wizard of Oz

Picture Description
When Dorothy storms into her bedroom after he missed audition, the weather man is heard reporting on "Barretta City."
The call of the Galley-oh-hoop-hoop can be heard edited into the soundtrack as part of the noises of the forest.
Toto calls The Emerald City Guard "Big Bird."
Scarecrow Kermit asks the Wizard if he is related to Frank Oz.
Floyd Pepper remarks that the Electric Mayhem has "been driving the same lousy bus since 1978."

Plaza Sésamo

Picture Description
In Episode 835, during Maria's song about hands, scenes of kids drawing are shown. Some kids are seen drawing Plaza Sésamo characters, including Kermit the Frog.
In Episode 885, Pancho's radio studio is covered with various posters featuring the Sesame Street characters and the book "Elmo's World: Music!".
In various episodes, official Plaza Sésamo party supplies are seen being used by the characters.
Also in assorted episodes, a photo of Big Bird is used as a stamp on various letters and packages (including a letter sent to Abelardo by Big Bird himself).
In one episode, La Abuela reads "C is for Cooking: Recipes from the Street", but with a modified, Spanish cover.
Images of the Sesame Street characters are seen all over the plaza, such as on magazine covers, newspapers and posters.
In a healthy tip closing insert, Mauricio Barcelata and a parrot show Pancho pictures of people who keep their hair neat. A picture of Roosevelt Franklin is used.
In a 2010 episode, an image of the Swedish Chef appears on the cooking section of Pancho's newspaper (but with eyes drawn in with marker).

Sesame Beginnings

Picture Description
Moving Together - Ethel Mermaid
In Moving Together during "Buggy Baby Boogie," a framed picture of Ethel Mermaid is used as a decorative in Cookie Monster's Grandma's house.
Make Music Together - Alphabeats
In Make Music Together during "Swing Baby Swing," Louie has two framed pictures of the two Alphabeats on his shelf.

Unstable Fables

Picture Description
3 Pigs and a Baby - Swinetrek
In the closing credits for 3 Pigs and a Baby, with producer's names on a space-themed mobile, Lisa Henson's name was attached to model of the Swinetrek from The Muppet Show's Pigs in Space.

Sid the Science Kid

Picture Description
Sid's room
Arnie, Sid's stuffed dinosaur, is similar in design to Dog from Living with Dinosaurs (albeit much larger and with a horn on his nose).
In the episode "Sid's Amazing Lungs", Gerald pretends to be various characters during playtime; when pretending to be a baby he looks directly into the camera and exclaims "I'm a baby, gotta love me!" with the same style and tone as the baby on Dinosaurs.

A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa

Picture Description
An announcement for a Francis Oznowicz is heard over the airport intercom. This was similarly done over an airport intercom in Into the Night. Later in the same scene, Jerry Nelson's name is called.


Picture Description
Squacky has a copy of It's Not Easy Being Green on his bedside table.

Emmet Otter musical

Picture Description
While sifting through a box of old objects, Jane's dad pulls out an old Elmo doll.
A piano and guitar amp are branded as "Henson" manufactured.

Disney Xtreme Digital

Picture Description
In the bottom right corner of the main stage, among a box and other clutter, sits the original version of Ernie's Rubber Duckie.

Muppet comics

Muppet Peter Pan

Picture Description
The "C" cover of issue #1 features toys in the background resembling Beaker, Fozzie Bear, Animal, Bert, and Ernie.
The birds from the For the Birds sketch (Ohboy Bird, Whaddayasay Bird, Forcryingoutloud Bird, Righton Bird, Youknow Bird and Ohreally Bird) appear in the clouds in issue #2, and, using their respective lines, help cheer up Piggytink. They also have a small appearance at the end of the issue where they can be seen sleeping on the clouds. Ohreally Bird can be spotted in Issue #3 flying above Wendy.

Muppet Robin Hood

Picture Description
In issue #2, when the Muppets dress as monsters, Rizzo comments that "the Langridge book" can hear their roars.
In issue #4, when the Muppets try to find where the narration is coming from, Robin the Frog suggests that maybe it's from a wormhole in an alternate universe where they are pirates or lost boys and Robin Hood can fly.

Muppet King Arthur

Picture Description
The Dave Álvarez covers for issues #1 and #2 depict Delbert the La Choy Dragon on Kermit's shield, as does the interior for issue #1.
A Skeksis can be spotted at the Festival, selling Gelfling essence.
Leroy, Rover Joe, T.R. and Catgut from The Muppet Musicians of Bremen can be seen insulting King Arthur along with Sam in issue #1.
In Issue #4, Arthur and Percival watch Sam the Eagle, Sir Cumnavigate and Sir Mount ride off into the sunset. When Percival asks if they'll reach their destination, Arthur replies, "Sure. They just keep going straight and when they hit the fork in the road they bear left." Percival replies, "Are you sure they aren't supposed to frog right?" This is a reference to 2 famous lines from The Muppet Movie .

The Muppet Show Comic Book: Family Reunion

Picture Description
In issue #1, when the Muppets are reunited with Skeeter, Animal is seen wearing a bonnet, like he did when he was a baby.
In issue #2, Bunsen and Scooter can be seen looking down the Big V's mouth, undoubtedly looking for a victim of The Glow-Worm sketch.
In issue #4, Delbert the La Choy Dragon can be seen eating up a building, also can be seen Statler and Waldorf in the Haven and a building named Strangepork Institute for Anti-Gravity Research

Muppet Snow White

Picture Description
In issue #1, Rizzo expresses surprise that he and Gonzo are supposed to be playing brothers. Gonzo counteracts, pointing out that the brother thing worked with Kermit and Fozzie in The Great Muppet Caper.
In issue #2, Happy (Janice) meets Snow White (Spamela). She tells her Snow White is her favorite fairy tale character next to Wendy from Muppet Peter Pan.
In issue #3, one of the suggestions for the new name of the Seven Dwarfs was Solid Foam.

Muppet Sherlock Holmes

Picture Description
In issue #1, the seal that is used to seal the preserves jars wears a name tag that reads, "Hi, My name is Wolfgang."
In issue #4, Dr. Watson (Fozzie Bear), recognizes Professor Moriarty as Uncle Deadly, "...the phantom from the Twiggy episode!". A side note adds, "The Muppet Show Season 1, a classic!"

Return to Labyrinth

Picture Description
In Volume 3, The Devils from The StoryTeller episode "The Soldier and Death" appear in a jail cell playing poker with a troll. Their cameo makes a direct reference to their StoryTeller appearance: "Did he say sacked?" "Not again!"

The Muppets (2011)

Picture Description
Themuppets2011 jh cameo
The Hollywood Walk of Fame's Jim Henson pole banner can be seen during the dance routine on Hollywood Boulevard. A framed photo of Jim also appears on Kermit's office wall among other celebrities.
M11 station wagon
The vehicle that Mary and Carlos work on in her classroom is the same one the gang gets from Mad Man Mooney's.
Kermit appeals to Richman
"The Standard Rich and Famous Contract" Kermit signs in the movie is used.
Mad man mooney and sons
Mad Man Mooney's makes a re-appearance, now renamed "Mad Man Mooney's and Son." Sweetums is shown working there again and is forced to chase after the gang's car again.
At the beginning of the film, a few Playhouse Videos are seen on top of Gary and Walter's TV. Later in the opening, a copy the Muppets from Space DVD is sitting on top it. During "Life's a Happy Song", DVD copies of The Muppets Take Manhattan, The Muppet Movie and The Muppets' Wizard of Oz are seen on their shelf.
Walter touching TV
Clips from The Muppet Show are used during Walter's origin story at the film's beginning. Later, short audio clips are used when Kermit first enters the dilapidated Muppet Theater.
Walter Together Again
When Tex Richman reads in a magazine that the Muppets have gotten together again, Uncle Deadly and Bobo begin to sing "Together Again." Later, Walter plays a few bars from it on a backstage piano.
The Muppet Theater's curtain rail system is branded with its installation date - September 24, 1936, Jim Henson's birthday.
Walter Kermit Jim Shore
The cake topper on Walter's birthday cake is a repainted Kermit figurine.
Walter's bedroom collection
Walter's bedroom is filled with Muppet collectibles and memorabilia, including a Muppet Babies lunchbox.

Kermit's Party

Picture Description
A photo from the wedding finale of The Muppets Take Manhattan is visible on the wall.


Picture Description
Arjan - Animal shirt
Arjan Smit is wearing an unlicensed Animal T-shirt in several sketches.

Sesame Street comic books

I is for Imagination (Issue #1)

Picture Description
"Little Castle Built By Prairie"

Prairie Dawn is seen playing with dolls of The King of Eight and his jester. Her cardboard castle is topped with an "8" flag.

"The Count Counts"

The Count is seen by a car from "Nelson Motors" and a salesman resembling Jerry Nelson.

Blast from the Past (Issue #3)

Picture Description
"Shadow of a Snout"

A Red Fraggle doll is used in a demonstration of shadows.

The Case of the Stolen Show

Picture Description
Seen in Rizzo's stateroom are T-shirts for KMUP and Pete's Luncheonette.

Muppets Most Wanted

Picture Description
To study Kermit's speech patterns, Constantine is seen watching a tape of a Sesame Street News Flash sketch, the opening to the Lynn Redgrave episode of The Muppet Show and "Rainbow Connection" from The Muppet Movie.
in a deleted scene after Constantine proposes to Miss Piggy, Camilla asks Gonzo when they will get married, but Gonzo says that when he becomes millionarie again, as a reference to him blowin up his plumbing business in the previous film
MMW Robin
After the question is raised of Walter leaving the Muppets after a whole film was made about him joining them, Rizzo and Robin point out that it was made at the expense of other well-known characters being left out, referencing their reduced roles in the previous film.
MMW this never happened on Sesame Street
In an outtake that appears on The Longer, Longest Blooper Reel in Muppet History bonus feature, Kermit says "This never happened on Sesame Street."
MMW extended cut 1.34.26 bear left right frog
Referencing dialogue in The Muppet Movie, Kermit and Fozzie give each other directions when coordinating their escape with their feet through the bottom of Le Maximum, "Bear, left." "Right, frog."
When Constantine first talks to Walter, he says to him, "Let us get on with the show and enjoy our family-style adventure during which we shall bond and learn heartwarming lesson. Perhaps about sharing, or waiting your turn, or the number three."

Nadya shrine
Nadya's shrine to Kermit in The Gulag features Luke Skywalker Kermit from the Star Wars Muppets PVC figures, Debonair Kermit, Lying down Kermit, and Britto Kermit.

Disney Drive-On

Picture Description
While soliciting money for Pepe the King Prawn's "Disney Legends" program, Walter lists off some well-known Disney legends, including Wally Boag, Dick Van Dyke and Jim Henson.

The Muppets (2015)

Picture Description
Miss Piggy is seen reading "her" book The Diva Code in "Pig Out." Uncle Deadly is also seen reading it in "A Tail of Two Piggies."
Jimmy Dean photo Rowlf's Tavern
Rowlf the Dog has a photo of himself and Jimmy Dean from his days on The Jimmy Dean Show on the wall in Rowlf's Tavern, as seen in "Swine Song".
Straight Outta Henson Studios
A folder in the writer's room in "Because... Love" is labelled "Straight Outta Henson Studios", which also spoofs a viral marketing campaign from the 2015 film Straight Outta Compton which documents the formation of rap group N.W.A. (featuring Ice Cube).
In the same episode, Kermit sings along to his own performance of "Bein' Green" (the 1976 Sesame Street recording by Jim Henson) while driving in his car.

The Muppets Character Encyclopedia


  1. Personal communication, from Dave Goelz, to Emma Shane, April 2003.

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