Inside the Labyrinth is a behind the scenes documentary about the movie Labyrinth. The special was originally released on February 18, 1987, and was included on the DVD release of the film.

This one-hour documentary details the technological effects, story development, animatronics and puppetry tricks, casting, music recording, film making, and Henson magic.


Jim Henson, David Bowie, Brian Henson, Brian Froud, Terry Jones, Mike McCormick, Ross Hill, Jennifer Connelly, Shari Weiser, Cheryl McFadden, Elliot Scott and George Gibbs


  • Photography: Rafi Rafaeli, Barry Ackroyd, John Warwick
  • Sound: Keith Desmond, Bob Alock, John Pierson, Alan Dykes
  • Editor: Arthur Solomon
  • Director: Des Saunders
  • Producers: Arthur Solomon, Anthony Goldsmith
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