DEBUT 1980

Inspector LaBrea, the "Swinging Civil Servant," was a noise inspector who came to The Muppet Theatre in episode 413 of The Muppet Show. He claimed that people were complaining about the noise from such loud instruments as trumpets. The inspector brought with him a device to monitor noise.

Since guest star Dizzy Gillespie was a trumpet player, Kermit told Inspector LaBrea that the guest was a violinist named *Izzy* Gillespie. He also had to find ways to shut off the monitor and keep LaBrea from seeing the guest star. However, when Kermit finally revealed the truth, he learned that LaBrea was a big fan of Dizzy Gillespie. LaBrea then offered to play saxophone in the closing number and even smashed the monitor. However, when Waldorf and his wife, Astoria, gave out a loud "BOO!" at the end of the episode, the monitor went off and LaBrea declared that the show was canceled, bringing joy to the two hecklers.

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