Big Bird is perhaps the least used character in international Sesame Street adaptations.

Instead, most shows have their own walk-around Big Bird equivalent, often a bird like Caponata on Spain's Barrio Sésamo, Minik Kuş on Turkey's Susam Sokağı, Pino on the Dutch Sesamstraat, or Abelardo Montoya on Mexico's Plaza Sésamo. Since Big Bird is primarily a Street character, his few inserts are seldom used. Zhima Jie in China employs Big Bird's "identical cousin" Da Niao (literally, "Big Bird").

The following, however, are a few of the productions where the real Big Bird is dubbed and/or renamed.

Country/Show Name Performer Picture

Onde Está o Garibaldo?

Garibaldo Nelson Machado Imagem 2021-03-15 143131.png


Vila Sésamo (DVD)

Garibaldo Clécio Souto Cleciosouto.jpg


Vila Sésamo (2007) O Mundo De Elmo

Garibaldo Fernando Gomes Imagem 2021-03-15 142630.png


Sésamo (2019) Progama Silvio Santos Os Melhores anos das nossas vidas

Garibaldo Falcon Mantovani Imagem 2021-03-15 142939.png

Bonjour Sesame

Big Bird Benoit Marleau Benoitmarleau.jpg

Bonjour Sesame

L'Oiseau Géant Normand Frechette Normandfrechette.jpg

Ulica Sezam

Velika Ptica Aleksandar Cvjetković Aleksandar Cvjetković.jpg

Glædelig Jul, Elmer

Store Pip Jan Tellefsen Jantrellefsen.jpg

Leg med os fra Sesamgade
Elmo's Verden

Big Bird Caspar Phillipson Casperphillipson.jpg


Tipu Tilava Unknown Noimage-big.png

Sesamstrasse (1973 onward)
Weihnachten in der Sesamstraße (1978)
Bitte nicht die Bilder essen! (1980s)
Bibo in China (1980s)
Silvester auf der Sesamstrasse (1993)
Elmo rettet Weihnachten (1999)
and other Sesamstrasse specials and appearances (such as in E.T. - Der Außerirdische)

Bibo Wolfgang Draeger Wolfgangdraeger.jpg

Sesamstrasse Folge 750 (1980s)

Bibo Caroll Spinney

(speaking German)

Big Bird and Caroll.jpg

Die Muppet Show Folge 318 (1980)

Big Bird aus der Sesamstraße Unknown

(first female voice artist)


Muppet Movie (1980)

(Unnamed) Unknown

(second female voice artist)


Die große Muppet-Party (1986) and
Die Muppets feiern Weihnacht (1990)

Der große Vogel aus der Sesamstraße (Die große Muppet Party; not named in Die Muppets feiern Weihnacht) Inge Schulz

(third female voice artist)


Bibos abenteuerliche Flucht (1985)

Big Bird

(despite the name "Bibo" in the title)

Unknown Noimage-big.png

Die Abenteuer von Elmo im Grummelland (2000)

Bibo Stefan Krause Stefankrause.jpg

Sesame Street NHK dub

ビッグバード Mitsuaki Madono MitsuakiMadono.jpg

Sesame Street (Japan)

ビッグバード Satoshi Tsuruoka Satoshitsuruoka.jpg

Sigan a esa ave (Follow That Bird)

Big Bird Yamil Atala Yamilatala.jpg

Plaza Sésamo

Big Bird Eduardo Garza Eduardogarza.jpg
The Netherlands

Sesamstraat videos

Neef Jan Olaf Wijnants Olafwijnants.jpg

Ulica Sezamkowa

Wielki Ptak Aleksander Mikołajczak Aleksandermikoajczak.jpg

Elmo en El País de los Gruñones (The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland)

Paco Pico Alberto Mieza Albertomieza.jpg

Juega Conmigo, Sésamo

Caponata Julian Rodriguez Noimage-big.png

Book Translations

Big Bird's many book appearances, when translated into other languages, have been inconsistent in their name usage, and often borrow the name of that country's Big Bird counterpart. Thus, in Dutch translations, Big Bird is often presented as Pino from Sesamstraat. He justifies this in the album Ernie Heeft Rommel Gemaakt (collecting Ernie's Big Mess and other stories), by claiming he's wearing his yellow feather suit.

The Spanish translations for Mexico and the Southwest United States of America are particularly inconsistent. In some books, apparently intended primarily for bilingual Americans, no attempts at translation are made at all, as in A Visit to the Sesame Street Library, where'e he's simply "Big Bird." In the 1991 translation of Nothing to Do (Nada Que Hacer), he's "Gran Pajaro" (while Granny Bird is "Abuelita" and Radar is "Tito"). However, Big Bird Goes to the Doctor is translated as Montoya Va el Doctor, borrowing the name of the bird on Plaza Sésamo.

Other Translations

During Big Bird's 1984 filming in Australia, the local media reported that the character was known as "Oki Na Tori" in China.[1]


  1. "Big Bird wings in with just one grouch: Oscar", The Age, 15 March 1984, page 40.
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