Doc, as sole human character on Fraggle Rock, was conceived as a personage who, framing the world of the Fraggles, could be altered and replaced in the different international versions of the series. Though an inventor in the North American series, suggestions for localized occupations included a toymaker, shopkeeper, lighthouse keeper, or even recast with an actress in the role. As far as is known, only three productions, those of France, Germany, and England, substituted their own versions of Doc. The lighthouse keeper, as used on the UK series, was the only suggestion adopted from the initial proposal. Other countries simply dubbed footage of the original Doc, Gerry Parkes.

Country/Show Name Performer Picture
Denmark, Fragglerne Fessor Doc Holger Perfort
England, Fraggle Rock The Captain Fulton MacKay
Finland, Fragglit Tohtori Jarmo Harjula
France, Fraggle Rock Doc, a chef Michel Robin
Germany, Die Fraggles Doc, an inventor Hans-Helmut Dickow
The Netherlands, De Freggels Doc Dick Scheffer
Norway, Fragglene Oppfinneren ("The Inventor") Per-Lillo Stenberg
Spain, Los Fraguel Doc Félix Acaso
Sweden, Fragglarna Doc Ingemar Carlehed
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