"Rubber Duckie", as one of the earliest hit songs to come out of Sesame Street, has been dubbed and translated into many languages for most of the international co-productions of the series.

A montage of international versions of "Rubber Duckie" was shown in the special Sesame Street: 20 and Still Counting.

Translated Title Country Show Audio/Video Releases Notes
"Mi Patio" Brazil Vila Sésamo
"Xiang Pi Xiao Ya" China Zhima Jie Album:
Sesame Street Playground
"Robert Ducky" France 1, Rue Sésame Album:
Chansons de 1, Rue Sésame: Ouvre Toi Rue Sésame

Translated by Francis Orren

"Quietsche-Entchen" Germany Sesamstrasse Albums:
*Sesamstrasse: Buch und Schallplatte
*Lieder Aus Der Sesamstrasse und Andere Lustige Songs
*Die Schönsten Lieder
Translated by Volker Ludwig
"Barvazuni" Israel Rechov Sumsum Video:
Shalom Sesame: The Land of Israel
"El Patito" Mexico Plaza Sésamo Video:
Plaza Sesamo Canta
Also released on the US albums ¡Sesame Mucho! and Bert and Ernie: Side by Side, and as a single, as performed by Jim Henson
"Troeteleendje" The Netherlands Sesamstraat Albums:
*15 Jaar Sesamstraat
*Sesamstraat is Jarig! (2000)
Translated by Ton Hasebos
"Patito de goma" Spain Ábrete Sésamo
Barrio Sésamo
Abrete Sesamo
"Gummianka" Sweden Svenska Sesam Album:
Svenska Sesam skivan
Translated by Per-Arne Ehlin
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