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Sesame Street premiered in the United States in 1969. Since that time, it has been translated and adapted into a number of international co-productions.

Intl day of peace
Debut Country Title Type
1971 Italy Sesamo Apriti dub
1972 Mexico Plaza Sésamo co-production
1972 Brazil Vila Sésamo co-production
1972 Canada Sesame Park co-production
1973 Germany Sesamstrasse co-production
1974 Spain Ábrete Sésamo dub
1974 France Bonjour Sesame dub
1975 Canada Bonjour Sésame dub
1976 Sweden Sesam dub
1976 Netherlands Sesamstraat co-production
1978 France 1, Rue Sésame co-production
1979 Spain Barrio Sésamo co-production
1979 United Arab Emirates Iftah Ya Simsim co-production
1981 Sweden Svenska Sesam co-production
1982 Israel Rechov Sumsum co-production
1983 Philippines Sesame co-production
1989 Turkey Susam Sokağı co-production
1989 Portugal Rua Sésamo co-production
1991 Norway Sesam Stasjon co-production
1992 Denmark Sesam, luk dig op dub
1996 Poland Ulica Sezamkowa co-production
1996 Russia Ulitsa Sezam co-production
1996 Czech Republic Sezame, otevři se dub
1997 Finland Seesamtie dub
1998 China Zhima Jie co-production
1998 Israel/Palestine Rechov Sumsum — Shara'a Simsim co-production
1999 (various) Sesame English dub
1999 Denmark Elmers Verden dub
2000 Egypt Alam Simsim co-production
2000 South Africa Takalani Sesame co-production
2001 Turkey Açıl Susam Açıl dub
2002 Israel Sippuray Sumsum co-production
2002 Palestine Hikayat Simsim co-production
2003 Jordan Hikayat Simsim co-production
2003 Mexico El Mundo de Elmo dub
2004 United Kingdom Play With Me Sesame co-production
2004 Afghanistan Koche Sesame dub
2004 Japan Sesame Street co-production
2005 Bangladesh Sisimpur co-production
2005 France 5, Rue Sésame co-production
2005 Kosovo Rruga Sesam — Ulica Sezam co-production
2005 Cambodia Sabai Sabai Sesame dub
2005 Canada Le Monde d'Elmo dub
2005 Iceland Hopp og hí Sessamí dub
2006 India Galli Galli Sim Sim co-production
2006 Poland Sezamkowy Zakątek dub
2006 Spain Juega Conmigo, Sésamo dub
2007 Portugal Abre-te Sésamo dub
2007 Ireland Tar ag Spraoi Sesame dub
2007 Palestine Shara'a Simsim co-production
2008 Indonesia Jalan Sesama co-production
2008 Tanzania Kilimani Sesame dub
2008 Northern Ireland Sesame Tree co-production
2009 Nigeria The Adventures of Kami and Big Bird co-production
2009 Latin America 3, 2, 1 ¡Vamos! dub
2009 Romania Sa ne jucam pe Stradă Sesame dub
2009 Denmark Sesamgade co-production
2009 Nigeria Sesame Square co-production
2010 Germany Eine Möhre für Zwei co-production
2010 China Zhima Jie: Da Niao Kan Shijie co-production
2011 Afghanistan Baghch-e-Simsim co-production
2011 Pakistan Sim Sim Hamara co-production
2012 Portugal Brinca Comigo dub
2014 United Kingdom The Furchester Hotel co-production
2020 Syria Ahlan Simsim co-production
2022 Various, Rohingya refugees Playtime with Noor & Aziz co-production
[cite] Australia Open Sesame clip package
[cite] Croatia Ulica Sezam dub
[cite] Iceland Sesam Opnist Pû dub
[cite] India Khul Ja Sim Sim dub
[cite] Malaysia Taman Sesame dub
[cite] Ukraine Vulytsya Sezam dub

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