Uncle Traveling Matt has always been an international Fraggle, traveling to such Outer Space regions as Australia, Germany, and France. The French and German co-productions included original postcard segments, with new puppeteers (including Henson veterans like Mike Quinn, but also local puppeteers). However, Uncle Matt's voice was always dubbed, even for those portions. The following are a few of his names and voices across the globe.

Country/Show Name Performer Picture
Denmark, Fragglerne Rejsende Mac Esper Hagen
Finland, Fragglit Matkaaja-Matt Aaro Jaronen
France, Fraggle Rock (France) Oncle Matt le Voyageur Bernard Woringer Bernardworinger
Germany, Die Fraggles Onkel Matt Leo Bardischewski Leobardischewski
The Netherlands, De Freggels Oom Reizende Roel Paul van Gorcum Paulvangorcum
Norway, Fragglene Onkel Reisende Mac Rolf Sand Rolfsand
Spain, Los Fraguel Tío Matt el Viajero Carlos Revilla Carlosrevilla
Sweden, Fragglarna Farbror Resande Mack Ingemar Carlehed Ingemarcarlehed