Written by Deane Durrett
Published 2002
Publisher Kid Haven Press, and imprint of The Gale Group
Series Inventors and Creators
ISBN 0737709960

Inventors and Creators: Jim Henson is a 48-page biography written for children. The book contains 19 color and 2 black-and-white photographs. Although the book does contain well-researched facts, it also contains some errors.


  • The book perpetuates the myth that "Muppet" is a combination of marionettes and puppets.
  • The book erroneously states that Rowlf the Dog was one of the original characters on Sesame Street.
  • The book repeatedly refers to the Henson Company as "Jim Henson Productions," although, by the year the book was published, the name had long since changed to The Jim Henson Company.
  • The book states that after Jim Henson's death in 1990, Frank Oz refused to continue playing Bert, and that the Ernie and Bert puppets remained unused in a drawer (presumably at least until the time of the book's publication in 2002). In reality, Frank Oz continued to play Bert, and Steve Whitmire took over as Ernie in 1993.

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