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DEBUT 2016
PATTERN Lavender

Irwin is an Anything Muppet boy who appears in Episode 4635 of Sesame Street.

For Halloween, he dresses up as Galactic Stan (a popular comic book hero), using an official costume purchased by his mother. Elmo, wearing his own homemade Galactic Stan costume, begins to feel jealous as Irwin shows off all of his fancy, functional accessories, as opposed to Elmo's makeshift, imaginary ones.

Soon, Elmo learns his imagination is what makes his costume and uses his pretend space boosters to fly around. Irwin believes they are real and becomes jealous himself, his mother not being able to find those in any store. Elmo encourages Irwin to pretend with him and they both go trick-or-treating around Sesame Street together. They later make plans for a playdate the next day.