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Asimov and Link Hogthrob

Isaac Asimov (ca. 1920-1992) was a noted Russian-born author, considered a pioneer in the science fiction field, and a biochemistry professor, earning his Ph.D. at Columbia University. Some of his more notable works include Fantastic Voyage, The Foundation trilogy, and a wide-range of non-fiction writings, covering chemistry, astronomy, and guides to The Bible and Shakespeare.

Asimov was interviewed by Dr. Julius Strangepork aboard the Swinetrek in the Summer 1983 issue of Muppet Magazine. Asimov expressed, "I don't think we can really advance into space until we learn how to cooperate as a planet." He and Strangepork also discussed such issues as childhood, science fiction movies, his favorite star (Antares), the ugliness of E.T., and hair grooming. Strangepork particularly admires Asimov's sideburns, which he grew himself ("I just applied fertilizer and waited.")

A joke about Asimov's sideburns also surfaces in a Muppet Lab report, as the novelist leaves a memo requesting a pair of sideburn clippers.

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