Written by Deborah Hautzig
Illustrator Tom Leigh
Published 1986
Publisher Random House
Series Sesame Street Start-to-Read
ISBN 0394881516

It's Not Fair! is a 1986 Sesame Street book featuring Ernie and Bert.

On a hot day, Ernie and Bert decide to open up a lemonade stand. While Bert builds the stand, Ernie goes to buy lemons, but buys oranges instead and makes the sign sloppy. Bert fixes everything, makes the lemonade and completes the entire stand while Ernie goofs off. When they open the stand, Ernie takes the credit for Bert's hard work and even calls it "Ernie's Famous Lemonade". Bert snaps and rants about how he did all the work, but Ernie always gets everything and then runs off crying, causing everyone to feel guilty. To make Bert feel better and apologize, Ernie buys Bert a broom and dustpan with the lemonade money.