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Music by Cy Coleman
Lyrics by Dorothy Fields
Date 1973
Source Seesaw (musical)
Publisher Aldi Music Company; Notable Music Co. Inc.

"It's Not Where You Start" was performed by Rowlf at the piano as the UK Spot in The Muppet Show episode 115. During the last line of the song, Scooter runs onstage and informs Rowlf that the next act isn't ready, and Kermit wants him to play the song again, but he only has one minute left. Rowlf picks up the pace, but before he can finish, Scooter comes back onstage to tell Rowlf that the song is his uncle's favorite song, and he wants to hear it one more time, but Kermit says he now only has 20 seconds. Rowlf races through a final version of the song as Scooter counts down the time, ending with the line "I'm gonna finish on time!" Scooter replies, "Nearly."

Kermit the Frog later performed the song on An Olympic Gala in 1984.