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Sam and Friends It's a Quiet Town
Written by Bob Russell and Harold Spina
Date 1948
Source "Big Brass Band From Brazil"
Publisher Decca Records

"It's a Quiet Town (In Crossbone County)" is a song performed by Danny Kaye and the Andrews Sisters backed by Vic Schoen and His Orchestra.

It was used as a lip sync track for Sam and Friends at least three times: August 1955 (transcribed on August 19), May 1, 1959, and March 10, 1960. The first performance, of which a color photo has survived, features Kermit as Kaye's sheriff character with Hank and Frank in drag as the Andrews Sisters.

The Sam and Friends episode guide in Sam and Friends: The Story of Jim Henson's First Television Show does not feature character details for many of the segments, but this is the first sketch chronologically in which Kermit is definitively featured.

In the song, Kaye plays the sheriff of Crossbone County, home of an allegedly quiet town. Although the vocalists have a hard time keeping quiet, the song suggests that the peaceful nature of the town β€” where you may be measured for a coffin and rest in a permanent mound β€” is a place where those who aren't at peace in the world will be shot dead, lending credence to the mortal symbolism of the county's namesake, crossbones.