Written by Deborah Hautzig
Illustrator Tom Leigh
Published 1988
Publisher Random House
Series Sesame Street Start-to-Read
ISBN 0394896726

It's a Secret! is a 1988 Sesame Street storybook featuring Bert.

Bert is looking for new bottle caps to add to his collection. He gets all his friends on Sesame Street to help him look. They ask how many he has, and he says "more than 100". They push to find out how many. Embarassed he runs away and confesses to Ernie that he can't count any higher than 100. He asks Ernie not to tell anyone because it is a secret.

The gang walks back to Sesame Street, where they find Betty Lou sitting with some stacks of pennies. She wants to buy her mother a scarf for her birthday, and she needs 250 pennies. The problem is she can't count higher than 100, so she doesn't know if she has enough. Grover tells her not to worry because Bert can count them. Big Bird agrees but Ernie says "No he can't." Everyone wants to know what Ernie means and eventually he admits that Bert can't count higher than 100.

Embarassed, Bert runs away and hides under the sink. Ernie tries to apologize but Bert worries that everyone will now think he is dumb. Ernie tells him that everyone knows he is smart, but that Ernie was stupid to tell his secret.

Gordon knocks on the door, with Grover, Big Bird and Betty Lou. He offers to teach Bert and Betty Lou how to count. By the end of the day, Bert can count his 368 bottle caps, and Betty Lou has counted her 325 pennies. A happy Bert counts the stars before he goes to bed.


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