Music by Paul Jacobs
Lyrics by Sarah Durkee
Date 1988
Publisher Durkee/Jacobs Inc. (King Dogs Music/Jive Durkee Music); Sesame Street Inc.
First Episode 2601

"It Sure is Hot!" (¡Hace Calor!) is a Sesame Street song sung by the Anything Muppets. The song focuses on the plight of a boy who wishes to strike up a conversation with Rosalita, who just moved in down the block from him, but is shy. Through talking about the weather in Spanish, the two eventually begin conversing.

The translation for Sesamstraat (released on the CD Zing Mee met Sesamstraat) had yet a different approach. In this version, Rosalita is an English speaking girl. Her newfound (Dutch) friend happens to know a bit of English and helps her understand the new language: "'Warm' is warm, and 'heet' is hot, and rain is 'regen', sun is 'zon', and shy 'verlegen'! He is the boy from number nine - though things aren't easy, it's going fine!"




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