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Cookie Monster will eat just about anything, visualized in a 2015 "Life Coach" video for PBS (YouTube)

In spite of his name, Cookie Monster's voracious appetite has not limited itself purely to cookies. The catalog of his consumption includes, but is by no means limited to, the following:


0044 Cookie record.jpg
Item: an Aretha Franklin record

Episode 0044

Item: the Moon

"If Moon Was Cookie"

Cookie eats styrofoam 5.gif
Item: broken styrofoam number 5

Cookie Monster and Kermit sketch

Item: alphabet blocks

"A, You're Adorable"

Cookie eats safe.gif
Item: safe

Cookie Monster and Ernie sketch

Cookie eats snow.gif
Item: snow

"The Ballad of Casey McPhee"

0594 08c.jpg
Item: the most snowballs

Episode 0594

Item: plate

They Can't Take That Away from Me

Cookie eat cookbook - Best Bites.jpg
Item: cookbook

Cookie Monster's Best Bites

Items: tray and sponge

Cookie Monster's Best Bites

Cookie eat cookbook - Kermit sketch.jpg
Item: cookbook

Cookie Monster and Kermit sketch

Item: pencil, typewriter, telephone, and X-mas tree

Christmas Eve on Sesame Street

Cookie eats Volkswagon.jpg
Item: Susan and Gordon's Volkswagen Beetle

Follow That Bird

Item: speech about Grover (also attempts to eat Grover's award)

A Celebration of Me, Grover

Cookie eats award envelope - Monster Hits.jpg
Item: award envelope

Monster Hits!

Cookie eats hot dog stand.jpg
Item: museum brochure and hot dog stand

Don't Eat the Pictures

Cookie eats camcorder - 20 years.jpg
Item: Bert and Ernie's video camera and cassette

Sesame Street: 20 and Still Counting

Cookie eats phone - Kermit describes.gif
Item: telephone (which rings in his belly)

Cookie Monster and Kermit sketch

Cookie eats truck.jpg
Item: 1973 Ford F-250 pickup truck

"The Monster's Three Wishes"

Item: Nearly all of Sesame Street

Big Bird's Birthday or Let Me Eat Cake

Cookie eats brick wall.jpg
Item: brick wall

"What is Friend?"

Cookie eats pink phone.gif
Item: dish and pink telephone (which rings in his belly)

Cookie Monster and Prairie Dawn sketch

Briefhistory CookieMonster.jpg
Item: film strip and Rosebud

"A Brief History of Motion Pictures"

Cookie eats movie seat.gif
Item: popcorn, movie tickets, and theatre seat

"Don't Forget to Watch the Movie"

Cookie eats mailbox.jpg
Item: mailbox

"Elmo's World: Mail"

Cookie eats gold chain.jpg
Item: chains, a speaker, microphones, wires, and studio lights (Tv version) Record (Album version)

"Cookie Disco"

Cookie eats safe Letter Day A.gif
Item: safe

Letter of the Day: A

Cookie eats DONT sign Letter Day D.jpg
Item: the "N'T" part of a "DON'T" sign

Letter of the Day: D

Cookie eats circle F Letter Day.gif
Item: "F" in a circle

Letter of the Day: F

Item: fake nose, mustache, and glasses

Letter of the Day: M

Cookie eats basket Letter Day S.gif
Item: basket

Letter of the Day: S

Cookie eats suitcase Letter Day Y.gif
Item: suitcase

Letter of the Day: Y

Cookie eats box - mastertheatre spalding.jpg
Item: box

Monsterpiece Theater: Monster in a Box

Item: letter J

Episode 0131

Item: manhole cover


Cookie eats Lauer microphone.gif
Item: Matt Lauer's microphone

Episode 4115

Cookie eat kaleidoscope.jpg
Item: Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's kaleidoscope

"Take a Turn"

Cookie eats ukulele.jpg
Item: Ernie's ukulele

Ernie Presents the Letter "U"

0725 06a.jpg
Item: Hooper's Store

Episode 0725

Cookie eats pipe - claudius.gif
Item: smoking pipes

early Monsterpiece Theater sketches

The Listening Game.png
Item: ping-pong ball, vacuum cleaner, alarm clock, and Bert's blindfold

"The Listening Game"

Cookie eats Christmas Counter-Downer.jpg
Item: The Christmas Counter-Downer

Elmo's Christmas Countdown

Cookie eats daisies Letter Day Game D.jpg
Item: bouquet of daisies

The Letter of the Day Games: D

Cookie eats guitar Letter Day Game G.gif
Item: guitar

The Letter of the Day Games: G

Cookie eats jellybeans Letter Day Game J.gif
Item: jellybeans

The Letter of the Day Games: J

Cookie eats painting Letter Day Game P.gif
Item: pizza and painting

The Letter of the Day Games: P

Cookie eats violin Letter Day Game V.gif
Item: Prairie Dawn's violin and bow

The Letter of the Day Games: V

Cookie eats yo-yo Letter Day Game Y.gif
Item: yo-yo and yam

The Letter of the Day Games: Y

Cookie eats frying pan breakfast time.gif
Item: Ernie's frying pan

"Breakfast Time"

Cookie princess emily eats balls.gif
Item: rubber balls

"The King's Nose"

Cookie eats autumn leaves.jpg
Item: autumn leaves

Sesame Street Pageants: The Four Seasons

Cookie eats streetcar.jpg
Item: poster and necktie

American Monster Classics: A Streetcar Named Monster

Cookie eats NPR microphone.jpg
Item: microphone

NPR's "In Character"

Cookie eats the end.gif
Item: flashlight, and the "d" from "The End"

Sesame Street Stays Up Late

Cookie ate script.gif
Item: microphone cover and script


Cookie eats lyrics sheets.jpg
Item: lyrics sheets

Sesame Street Presents the 80s

Cookie eats colbert's peabody.jpg
Item: Stephen Colbert's Peabody Award

The Colbert Report

Cookie eats PBS studio.gif
Item: television equipment

PBS promo (YouTube)

Cookie eat frisbee.gif
Item: frisbee

PBS Interstitials, 2014

Item: envelope

1973 Daytime Ceremony

Cookie eat Emmy.jpg
Item: Emmy

Emmy Awards

Cookie eats I.jpg
Item: letter I and bow tie

At the Bakery: Rhymes with "Buy"

Cookie eats imaginary cookie.gif
Item: imaginary cookie with frosting and candles

At the Bakery: Birthday Cookie

Cookie eats flower bouquet.jpg
Item: Tony's flower bouquet

Near and Far

Cookie eats rose bouquet.jpg
Item: bouquet of roses

Julie on Sesame Street

Julie on Sesame Cookie eats TNT.jpg
Item: glass, feather boa, ring, flower, shoes, stick of TNT, and a lit candle

Julie on Sesame Street

Cookie eats sneaker.jpg
Item: sneaker

Lunch Talk

Cookie eats little house.jpg
Item: wooden toy house

Monsterpiece Theater: Little House on the Prairie

Item: TV Guide logo

TV Guide July 10-16, 1971 issue

Item: letter card

"Sesame Street Memory Game"

Cookie eats mattresses.gif
Item: mattresses

Sesame Street News Flash: The Princess and the Cookie

Item: telephone (which rings in his belly)

Being Green

Item: grandfather clock

1989 Western Publishing puzzle

Cookie eats tame shoe.jpg
Item: shoe

Monsterpiece Theater: The Taming of the Shoe

Cookie eats rock whats alive.gif
Item: rock

Who is Alive?

Cookie eats cuppycakes.jpg
Item: cupcake

Cookie Monster and Ernie sketch

Item: trophy

Sesame Street Open

Item: two hot dogs and a doughnut

"Dee, Dee, Dee"

Cookie eats poem howie.jpg
Item: poem about cookies

Reciting a Cookie Poem

Item: Gladys Ormphby's pocketbook

(First: Episode 3705)

Cookie eats FOOD.gif
Item: styrofoam version of the word "FOOD", salt, pepper, and a bib

Cookie Monster and the Word Food

Cookie eats bus stop.jpg
Item: bus stop sign

Bus Stop sketch

Cookie eats feathers.gif
Item: rocks and feathers

Heavy and Light sketch

Cookie eats white phone with pink boy.gif
Item: telephone (which rings in his belly)

Telephone Lecture

Cookie eats Mumford wand.jpg
Item: The Amazing Mumford's magic wand

Full and Empty Cookie Jar

Cookie eats straw hat.gif
Item: straw hat

Cookie Monster and Ernie sketch

Cookie eats microwave SNL.gif
Item: paper clip, egg timer, and microwave cords

Cookie Monster Auditions for Saturday Night Live

Item: two number 2s

"(A Monster Went and) Ate My Red Two"

Cookie eats fan mail.gif
Item: fan letters

C is for Cookie Monster

Item: Xbox 360

Once Upon a Monster

Item: lamppost

Episode 4305

Cookie eats Kellan Lutz cellphone.gif
Item: Kellan Lutz's cell phone

Episode 4326

Cookie eats cell phone.jpg
Item: Grover's cell phone

Sesame Street Presents the 80s

Cookie eat checkers.gif
Item: Abby Cadabby's checker game

Episode 4416

Cookie eats Hungry Games clock.gif
Item: Wired's watch

The Hungry Games: Catching Fur

Cookie eats Ernie's pillow.gif
Item: half of Ernie's pillow

Sharing a Pillow sketch

Cookie and Herry eat a bicycle.gif
Item: bicycle

Sharing a Bicycle sketch

Item: 17

Animated segment

Cookie eats bag for Ernie.gif
Item: paper bag

Cousin Monster sketch

Cookie eats notepad - Kimmel 02-12-2015.gif
Item: notebook paper

Jimmy Kimmel Live, Feb 12, 2015

Cookie Monster eats phone Cookiemon Go.gif
Item: cell phone

Pokรฉmon Facebook video

Cookie eats unboxing.jpg
Item: biscuits box, pizza box, envelope, and various other items

Unboxing videos

Cookie eats keyless Chrysler remote.jpg
Item: keyless remote

Chrysler Pacifica commercial

Cookie Monster Dr. Zhivago.jpg
Item: Dr. Zhivago

Life Kit

Item: microphone, pots and pans

Good for You! from the My First Manners series

Yummy Ingredients Sheet.jpg
Item: paper with recipe for chocolate chip cookies

Elmo's Playdate

Cookie Monster Siri Commercial Spoon.jpg
Item: mixing spoon

2016 iPhone S commercial

Item: ball of yarn

The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo episode 103

Item: box of oatmeal

The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo episode 103

Item: John Oliver's tie

"Mashable W-ORD Channel 7 News"

Cookie east Cinderella 4804.gif
Item: Cinderella book

Sesame Street Episode 4804

Rise and Shine Cupcake.jpg
Item: cupcake

Rise and Shine!

Elmo's Super Duper Birthday - Cookie Monster Eats Pizza.jpg
Item: pizza

Elmo's Super-Duper Birthday

Happy Birthday! - Cookie Monster Eating Birthday Cake.jpg
Item: birthday cake

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Cookie Monster - Birthday Cake 1.jpg
Item: pink birthday cake

Happy Birthday, Cookie Monster!

Happy Birthday, Cookie Monster - Birthday Cake 2.jpg
Item: brown birthday cake

Happy Birthday, Cookie Monster!

Happy Birthday, Cookie Monster - Birthday Cake 3.jpg
Item: yellow birthday cake

Happy Birthday, Cookie Monster!

Up Late with Grover - Cookie Monster Eating Cake.jpg
Item: cake (in Grover's fantasy)

Up Late with Grover

Healthy food

As documented in the public's misconception of Sesame Workshop changing the character's image, Cookie Monster has consumed plenty of healthy food items over the years in addition to cookies and other oddities.

Item: Ernie's apple

Ernie Presents the Letter A

Cookie eats carrot Hand Talk.gif
Item: carrot

"Hand Talk"

Cookie eats carrot Monster Cookie sketch.gif
Item: carrots, fish and bread

Monster Cookie sketch

Cookie eats grapes Letter of the Day Games G.gif
Item: grapes, and Prairie Dawn's groceries

The Letter of the Day Games: G

Cookie eats watermelon Letter of the Day Games W.gif
Item: watermelon slice

The Letter of the Day Games: W

Cookie eats The Counts apples.gif
Item: apples

Counting Apples with The Count

Cookie eats asparagus Havin Fun LP.png
Item: asparagus

Havin' Fun with Ernie & Bert

Cookie eats veggies Color Me Hungry.gif
Item: fruits and vegetables in Grover's food stand game, "Color Me Hungry" [1]

Cookie eats alphabet Soup.gif
Item: alphabet soup game, "Alphabet Soup" [2]

Cookie eats peas Ad Council.gif
Item: meat, fish, carrots, peas, and fruits

The Ad Council, 1974 PSA

Cookie eats Hey Food.gif
Item: fish, cheese, bread, vegetables, and fruits

"Hey Food"

Cookie eats lettuce flower costume.gif
Item: lettuce leaves from Bert's flower costume

Sesame Street Pageants: A Flower Grows

Cookie eats apple tree costume.jpg
Item: apples on his apple tree costume

The Four Seasons

Cookie tosses and eats egg.gif
Item: egg

E is for Egg sketch

Cookie eats egg sandwich.gif
Item: bread, butter, hard boiled egg, and salt

Make an Egg Sandwich sketch

Cookie eats apple Cookie World.gif
Item: apple

"Cookie World" (Episode 4111)

Item: Leela's sandwich

Episode 4181

Item: carrots, cabbage, and a celery in disguise

Episode 4305

Cookie eats apple Hungry Games.gif
Item: apple

The Hungry Games: Catching Fur

Cookie eats healthy with Maria.gif
Item: raisins, cucumber spheres, carrot sticks, and apples

Good Things to Eat sketch with Maria

Cookie Monster eating unboxed banana.jpg
Item: bananas

Unboxing videos

Item: squash, spinach lasagna and collard greens

Good for You! from the My First Manners series

Big Block Party - Monster Muffin Pizzas.jpg
Item: olives and dough crumb ingredients for "Monster Muffin Pizzas"

Big Block Party!

Birdseed Pie.jpg
Item: birdseed pie

Big Bird Gets Lost

Elmo's Monster Mash - Cookie Monster Eats an Apple.jpg
Item: apple

Elmo's Monster Mash

Elmo's Monster Mash - Pumpkin Products.jpg
Item: pumpkin muffins, pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie

Elmo's Monster Mash

The Little Red Hen - Corn Muffin.jpg
Item: corn muffin

The Little Red Hen

The Monster at the End of This Story - Broccoli.jpg
Item: broccoli

The Monster at the End of This Story

Cookie Monster Vegetable Soup.jpg
Item: vegetable soup

Vegetable Soup

Things he won't eat

  • When asked by NPR's Elizabeth Blair in 2008 if there's anything he doesn't eat, Cookie Monster responded, "Me eat everything... There nothing you could put in front of Cookie Monster that me not eat." However, when presented with a bowl of sardine ice cream, he drew the line, "Maybe you could send that over to Oscar." (YouTube)
  • Jacqueline Smith of The New Zealand Herald asked Cookie Monster in 2011, "I hear you eat anything other than sardine ice cream. We have a thing here in New Zealand called a huhu grub, which is like a bug, and you cook it and it tastes like peanut butter, would you eat that?" Cookie responded, "Yucky. Me got to go now. That sounds disgusting. Me draw the line at eating bugs."[1]

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