Jack Burns in the Puppetman opening

Jack Burns (b. 1933) is an American comedian, and one of the original writers of The Muppet Show.

He launched his career as part of a short-lived comedy duo with George Carlin. A later teaming with Avery Schreiber proved to be more successful, who he met when they were both members of The Second City. Burns also briefly replaced Don Knotts as the deputy on The Andy Griffith Show.

Burns was the head writer and producer for the first season of The Muppet Show. His comedy partner Schreiber appeared on an episode of the first season. He also co-wrote The Muppet Movie (with Jerry Juhl, his successor as Muppet Show head writer). Burns also appeared in the Puppetman pilot as producer Bud Stone. Later work included a regular voice role on Animaniacs as Sid the Squid, opposite Schreiber as Beany the Bison.

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