Jack Davis (1924-2016) was a cartoonist and illustrator for MAD Magazine who drew many illustrations of the Muppets and human cast members of Sesame Street in the show's early years.

For TV Guide's cover story on Sesame Street (July 10, 1971), Davis illustrated Cookie Monster, happily munching on part of the TV Guide logo. He also provided artwork for Sesame Street Magazine, several puzzles and The Sesame Street Calendar 1972.

For MAD Magazine itself, he was the artist behind a parody of Sesame Street, entitled "Reality Street" (issue #146, October 1971) and 1978's "If Sesame Street Branched Out Into Specialized Avenues of Education".

Outside of MAD and Sesame Street, Davis was a regular artist for EC Comics' horror titles in the 1950s, contributed to the Harvey Kurtzman humor magazines Trump and Humbug, drew movie posters (including It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World and the original The Producers) , album covers, and designed characters for Rankin/Bass animated projects such as Mad Monster Party and The King Kong Show.

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