Jack Van Evera was a Canadian actor who appeared in Jim Henson's 1969 TV drama The Cube. He played the bedraggled prisoner, named Watson, who escapes to the Man's cube, only to return to his own prison. However, the manager re-introduces the presumed prisoner as a noted actor... Jack Van Evera.

A stage veteran, Van Evera appeared in several Canadian horror movies in the seventies and eighties (often as unlucky bystanders), including Black Christmas (with Andrea Martin), My Bloody Valentine, Plague, Funeral Home, Deadly Eyes, and The Incubus. Other films include Disney's 1970 animal feature King of the Grizzlies (with Hugh Webster) and A Fan's Notes (with Jerry Orbach and Gerard Parkes),

On television, Van Evera was a frequent visitor to Canadian series The Forest Rangers, Seaway, Police Surgeon, Adventures in Rainbow County. His brother was comedian Billy Van, who created and starred in the children's series The Hilarious House of Frightenstein (with intros by Vincent Price).

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