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PERFORMER Dave Goelz Berry Bear Christmas
  Peter Linz season 4
DEBUT 1999

Jack the Dog is an old homeless hound dog who was introduced in the first episode in the special double-length holiday episode, "A Berry Bear Christmas". Bear and his friends find Jack in the snow outside the Big Blue House as they're preparing for their Christmas celebration, and they take him in for the holidays. They soon make friends with the kindly old dog, and they worry about where he'll live. At the end of the special, Doc Hogg finds an empty doghouse in his backyard and offers to take Jack in.

Jack speaks using something of a southern patois. He generally likes to do things for himself and somewhat resists Bear and the others' attempts to help him. Jack may have lived with a boy named Billy at one point, as he can be heard muttering in his sleep, "Billy, I'll fetch the ball if you'll just throw her."

Jack returned the following season, becoming the fire chief of the Woodland Valley Fire Department. He reappeared in the episode, "Welcome To Woodland Valley".

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