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PERFORMER Stephanie D'Abruzzo Pink Hoodie
  Joey Mazzarino Leather Jacket[1]
DEBUT 1998

Jackets appeared in the Elmo's World episode "Jackets," where Elmo interviewed the leather motorcycle jacket and the pink hoodie.

The leather jacket quotes the Fonz's trademark "Ay!", as well as Arnold Schwarzenegger's famous Terminator line, "I'll be back."

The pink jacket went on to have a prominent role as Zoe's jacket in Episode 3858 and Episode 3974, being brought to life by the Fairy Jacketperson. It also makes appearances in the "Trash Gordon" segment on the Planet Dirty Laundry, the special When You Wish Upon a Pickle, a 2019 video for InStyle, and a minor speaking appearance in Sesame Street's 50th Anniversary Celebration (performed again by D'Abruzzo), scooching past Joseph Gordon-Levitt as she exits the laundromat.

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