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Big Bird and Baby Bear taking in a Pollock painting.

Don't Eat the Pictures

Oscar and his look alike painting by Trashcan Pollock

Paul Jackson Pollock (1912–1956) was an American painter in the abstract expressionist movement. During his lifetime, he enjoyed fame and notoriety, yet was a reclusive artist. After his death at age 44, the Museum of Modern Art has featured retrospectives of his career over various periods of time.


  • In a Global Grover segment on Bangladesh, Grover tries to coax a penguin to help him paint when he accidentally imprints himself on his canvas, creating a painted silhouette. Impressed with the results, Grover says "Jackson Pollock, eat your heart out!" (First: Episode 4110)
  • The 2014 Toyota commercial "Saffron, Cayenne Pepper and the Road Home" featured a Pollock painting in the back of a Toyota Highlander which Pepe was using as a living room.
  • In a spoof of the Google Art Project trend, where users can find a work of art that looks like them via an app, Oscar the Grouch matched with a painting by "Trashcan Pollock."


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