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Rats in Jamaica, sort of

Jamaica is an island country located in the Caribbean Sea. A British colony for three centuries, the country has been independent and a commonwealth nation since 1962. One of its most notable exports is coffee. Textiles include tie-dying shirts, a practice demonstrated in a Sesame Street film clip (First: Episode 3140), and later used when Grover visited the country in a "Global Grover" segment (First: Episode 4073). Another insert shows a boy attending drum class (First: Episode 3145).

The musical style reggae originated in Jamaica, and notable practitioner and Jamaican native Ziggy Marley has collaborated with the Muppets several times (while the style has been used for assorted Muppet/Sesame Street songs). Marley's father, Bob Marley, wrote "No Woman No Cry," which was performed by the Reggae Rodents before a representation of a Jamaican village in Muppets Tonight episode 109.


  • In the intro to the "Wet Paint" song on the Sesame Street album Signs!, Calypso Calloway claims to be from Jamaica... Jamaica, Long Island (an actual neighborhood).
  • In his intro to "No Woman No Cry" on Muppets Tonight, Clifford adopts a Jamaican accent, prompting Rizzo to say "Jamaican a fool of yourself."
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