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PERFORMER Daveed Diggs voice
  Andy Hayward puppetry
DEBUT 2022

Jamdolin is the frontman for the Troubadours in Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock, debuting in the episode "Flight of the Flutterflies." His instrument of choice is, appropriately, a mandolin. He is also prone to speaking almost entirely in rhyme.

He and the Troubadours arrive in the Great Hall for the annual New Day's Day Festivities. Jamdolin initiates the proceedings with the Scitter-Scatter game to pick who will unveil the new swarm of Flutterflies. When Boober becomes the unwitting victor, Jamdolin helps him overcome his fears with a song ("Go with the Flow") and an intimate talk in Boober's hidey hole.

His physical design and role as leader of a band of wandering musicians are inspired by that of Cantus the Minstrel from the original series.