Stewart in It's a Wonderful Life

James Stewart (1908-1997), popularly known as Jimmy Stewart, was an American film and stage actor. He was known for his distinctive voice, with a rather hesitant delivery, and humble movie persona. Over the course of his career, he has starred in many films and became a major MGM star. He also served in the military during WWII, flying overseas.

Stewart was present at Jim Henson's induction into The Television Academy Hall of Fame. The camera cut to him during Henson's acceptance speech.

Some of Stewart's most notable films include his work with directors Frank Capra (You Can't Take It with You, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and It's a Wonderful Life), Alfred Hitchcock (Rope, Rear Window, The Man Who Knew Too Much, and Vertigo), and the 1950 film version of Harvey (as gentle dipsomaniac Elwood Dowd, reprising the role he'd created on stage). Beginning in the 1950s, he also became a familiar face in Westerns and, on radio, starred as The Six Shooter (1954).


  • In episode 204 of The Muppet Show, Rich Little is asked by the Muppet press who his favorite impression is. Little says it's Jimmy Stewart, his favorite actor (spoken while imitating Stewart).
  • A clip of James Stewart from It's a Wonderful Life was used in the fifth season Muppet Babies episode "Muppets Not Included," as George Bailey says "This is a very interesting situation." In the same sequence, Frank Welker does a vocal impersonation of Stewart as George, saying "Help me, Clarence!"
  • Several clips of Stewart in It's a Wonderful Life are shown on televisions in Elmo Saves Christmas.

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