Jane Tuesday, surrounded by noirish lighting


Jane Tuesday in an "Eat Your Colors" segment

Jane Tuesday is a recurring live-action segment on Sesame Street, which was added in Season 35. The series was created and produced by Adam Matalon, and starred Kyla Taub as Jane Tuesday, a seven-year old private detective, whose name is a riff on Joe Friday from Dragnet. The earliest segments involved Jane solving mysteries, which were often complicated by her brother, Billy (Taylor Matalon, the producer's son). Later segments were less narrative focused, and instead featured Jane Tuesday expounding on a topic, such as red or blue colored fruits.

Matalon pitched the concept to Carol-Lynn Parente senior producer of the show. In a press release for the series, he explained the premise and development as follows:

I wanted to create a really intelligent and edgy female role model who could not only have some fun but inform. I have two small kids of my own and I see the thought progressions developing all the time. It only takes being a parent for a couple of minutes to realize that kids are really smart and we often take for granted and underestimate their knowledge and their powers of evaluation and deduction. That's where the germ of the idea came from. I wanted to create a female Sam Spade in the body of a seven year old!



  • Producer, Writer, Director: Adam Matalon
  • Co-Producer: Kevin Burke
  • Production Sound: Jim Meek
  • Music: Mike Renzi
  • Sound Effects: Dick Maitland
  • Production Company: Chatsby Films

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